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  1. Hi it's great to know there will be new textures although I don't find the game ugly as it is.
  2. voted custom mod player, but I assure you I played the OC. I'm trying to come up with a mod too but I have difficulties managing real life occupations and creating in NWN2.
  3. thank you for this thread and the endings, I loved the game but the end felt a bit rushed. When Kreya gives you the option of telling the futur of our friends, I believed I would see cutscenes showing what happens (a la Hords of the underdark) but instead you get a rushed ending that doesn't feel right somehow. After reading this thread, I understand. I don't believe we'll see a special edition, maybe a patch (that we would have to pay for ?) could be an option?
  4. Well, I'vot an amd xp2000+ and a geforce fx 5950 ultra and everything set at the maximum (1280*1024). It is good looking even though it isn't HL2, makes you wonder how NWN would have been if it had been out a year later.
  5. Why are you buying from Free Record shop? Atleast here in Finland it only sells music and movies for a low price, but the games are expensive. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Games cost the same everywhere in Holland (E 50,-), and the extra 1,5 euro for delivery isn't a big deal =) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Got it since friday, already played 15 hours : it is a nice story and there are some interesting characters. I guess there will be a patch though as i've been experimenting 3 crashes and there's somme mispelling in the long written text at the beginning (in french). Yes you know, the text beginning with "A long time ago in a galaxy far far away...) But definitely worth the money.
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