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  1. Hey, very nice Community Update, Rob. It is always a pleasure to hear news about the future of NWN2, and this is a goodly bag of swag for certain. Congratulations to Monty on realizing what is a dream to many folks. We're all going to benefit from this. Way to go. Lot's of nifty things to glom onto from the Community. Nice to see them recognized and given a bit of a spotlight. But the single most exciting part of this Update is the news about the patching process. This purposed exchange of information will help so much to build an involved community, and both sides will gain new visions and ideas from it. While it is understood that no timetable can be concrete regarding content or release dates, at the very least folks can now keep looking to the future, and to a better, funner, and more perfected NWN2. Thanks! Regards, JFK
  2. Thanks, Rob, for taking the time to update here! It's obvious you folks are incredibly busy just now, and I appreciate your commitment to finding the time to post. Wow, the screenshots of Sundren look fantastic! I hope someday we get broadband available in the far reaches where I live. I have tried with dialup, but my connection is just too slow to play online. But I can certainly see the care and skill that went into those areas! Well done, Sundren team. Regards, JFK
  3. Heh - I shouldn't worry overly about this poll, Patcha. Rob has stated it is more of an exploration of things, and is not going to take away from any other segment of the NWN2 userbase, and I believe him. But facts are facts: Whether the reason for the abundance of PW Player posts is from a link or otherwise, the fact of the matter is that more people took the time and effort to post as PW Player than the number of people who took the time to post as anything else. Reading reasons into it does not change the fact. The opportunity to A. Read about this poll and B. Take the time to come and check it out and C. Actually cast a vote and D. maybe comment here -- well, that opportunity exists for anyone reading the Bioware boards, the NWVault boards, etc. I'm not saying this poll is a scientifically accurate reading of the breakdown of NWN2 users. Let's just let it be what it is. Regards, JFK
  4. Pretty tough to choose one only. I go with I'm a DM, but closely followed by DM-led small party games. I enjoy it all, really. But if I must choose . . . Regards, JFK
  5. Thanks for the update, Rob. Great news on Granny! Beautiful screenshots of that PW. Wow! Nice shots from MotB as well. . . . hmmm. . . . impossible to tell from a still shot, but something about the figure's posture . . . meh, probably just me. Did the walking animation get changed? Nice architecture. As for the new Toolset feature, I like it. Just copying a texture's name to override would make every instance of that texture change, so this has much more power. It would be great if this was accesible to scripting, but that's probably not the case? At any rate, this should add a lot of diversity to interiors. Good deal! Thanks for another good update. Keep 'em coming. Regards, JFK
  6. Great news on all fronts, Rob. Thanks for posting such exciting info. The work going into the DM Client and the MP side of things will be repaid a thousandfold, I believe, by the longevity of the game and by the joy so many will get from it (not the least, myself). Regards, JFK
  7. Thanks for the update Rob. You know, it is the addition of things like that very nice sneaking/stalking animation that really are getting me excited about the future of this game. A sneaking animation is not, strictly speaking, a necessary thing (then again, I suppose from a far enough perspective a -=video game=- is far from a necessary thing too. =) ), but man, it really adds to the game. Thanks for sharing that with us. By the way, I am always checking this blog, and I was starting to wonder when Tuesday had fled, and no update. It was worth the wait though. Regards, JFK
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