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  1. Just got it...probably will never play it...yes its all about the Multiplayer for me.
  2. I may be a little odd, but I don't class building for a PW as being a "module builder" though many of the same skills and tasks are required. And building for a PW is what I do mostly, as a result I also DM and play on PWs.... so not being able to select 2 or 3 options I went with what I am mostly concerned about - Playing on PWs - because after all I'm building for people to play.
  3. I'm in the love the music category. I'm looking forward to hearing more as I'm definately done with the NWN1 music which is where most of it still comes from atm.
  4. Its great to have new chants...but is my response to the two previewed ones. (Hurray for things that are a matter of perspective. ) I like the sound of Sakiya's voice just not the script of the chant - I suppose its supposed to be funny but its just idiotic to me. I dislike the sound of Gand's voice (which may make his romance plot hard to follow), but I do like the script for the spell.... to the point that if there is a version of the chant I like better I may script it to be the default "Gate" chant as well. I'm however particularly glad to have the new skydome feature as that means we can get rid of the Tears of Selune for PWs rather than having to try and explain them or pretend they are not there.
  5. Firstly I have to say I've only played NWN2 of your games, and for me the two most interesting characters were not romance options - Neeshka, and Khelgar. My male tiefling would love a bit of tail, and my female dwarf loves the battle crazed Khelgar (ok so she is a Priest of Clangedin). The thing you skipped that was the problem in the romance for me is personality and conversation. Casavir had basically no conversation and thus really developed no personality beyound "dour". Elanee just annoyed the heck out of me with her self rightousness. The Druid was more judgemental than the Paladin, and she turns out to be a psycho stalker woman, breaking suspension of disbeleif if you are not playing a short lived race ie human. This is compounded by the fact that, at least in Casavir's case (I have not stomached Elanee that much yet), he finally confesses his love, you hop in the sack and then you cannot talk to him about it again. Same old redundant conversations as before... aaarrgghhhh. More than anything that ruined the Casavir romance, the fact that there is no way for your character to express an interest in him before his confession just makes it worse. At least with Elanee there is a chance to make suggestive comments earlier in the mod (you can ask if she is offering to have your kids, which she, showing an utter lack of wit, rejects). I know that creating romance is hard going, but romance is far more meaningful when you can communicate with the intended person, and the intended person communicates back. Interaction when the PC is not around is meaningless, its "Out of Character' information. What matters is what the NPC does when the PC can see it, and what the NPC does with/for/to the PC. Just hanging out and killing monsters is a foundation for friendship, it takes a lot more to get some love happening. Oh you also might want to try following this thread and its 2 subsequent Romance threads (yes over 30 pages of discussion) to get some ideas of what a bunch of players think about romance. (Plus some interesting debate about Romance, Love and Alignment.)
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