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Update Notes: 2.01

Posted by BAdler , in Patch Notes 31 August 2015 · 69737 views

Update 2.01
From Adam Brennecke:

This patch fixes many minor issues that came up before and after launch of The White March - Part I. We have also done optimizations to save/loads and area transitions performance. Please provide feedback if you notice a difference.
As always, there are many more fixes than listed.

Major Fixes
  • Party members will now default to AI: On and Instruction Set: None.
  • Many optimizations to save/load and area transitions performance. Some users are reporting a 20% decrease in load times.
  • Blurry text in UI has been fixed.
  • Problems with the stash not properly containing items that have been looted is now fixed.
  • Dragon Leap should now break engagement properly.
  • Coordinated Positioning range increased from 2m to 2.5m.
  • Fixed stacking issue with Weapon Specialization and Weapon Mastery and both can now be applied to the same attack.
  • Based on player's feedback we made tweaks to improve AI packages for Monks, Druids, and Ciphers.
  • Instruction sets for Druids, Wizards, and Priests will now use lower level spells at higher frequencies.
  • Ciphers will not use Whispers of Treason on single enemies.
  • Many small fixes to spell and ability tooltips and descriptions.
  • Stormcaller's 1st requirement lowered to 250 shock damage. 2nd requirement lowered to 5 druids defeated.
  • Greenstone Staff 1st requirement lowered to 125 damage vs. beetles. 2nd requirement lowered to 5 blights defeated.
  • St. Ydwen's 1st requirement lowered to 200 damage vs. spirits. 2nd requirement lowered to 10 vessels defeated.
  • Item mod Draining will be restored properly after a save/load.
  • Added the White Forge crafting icon.
  • A Lovely Drop quest is not failed if Haeferic dies after the party obtains the antidote ingredients.
  • Haeferic now reacts properly after imprisoning Ailef.
  • Lurgold is properly removed from the Fishery after the fight with Grynde during the day.
  • The dexterity check in the conversation with Sweynur will only show up if the player has a blade.
Miscellaneous Notes
  • Added missing ambient audio to Durgan's Battery dungeon.
  • Updated many creatures' bestiary entries with correct abilities.
  • Ogre Battery Cannoneers now use Rogue abilities instead of Ranger abilities.
  • Added Concelhaut's Draining Missiles to Ironclapsed Grimoire.
  • Druid-Wolf Suldrun now scales for high level content mode.
  • Fixed issue with Fog of War behaving incorrectly in some scenes (Aufra's house) if a player used an older save game.
  • Several improvements and tweaks to area background art, including Cragholdt.
  • Solo Achievement is disabled correctly if Zahua or The Devil of Caroc is added to the party.
  • Fixed Kana's conversation when he is in the White March areas.

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On point.  Thanks for the update.

Aug 31 2015 02:01 PM

Wonderful! Does this patch fix the disappearing weapons bug? I can't see it in the notes, but this thread said it would be fixed in an upcoming patch. http://forums.obsidi...-in-stash/page-

Do we know when the missing items in stash issue will be corrected? I have held off installing the 2.0 patch or White Marsh after hearing about this.

Aug 31 2015 02:10 PM

Great stuff!


Will this update add an illustration for The Grey Sleeper and Stormcaller?


They are the only soulbound weapons without one.

Do we know when the missing items in stash issue will be corrected? I have held off installing the 2.0 patch or White Marsh after hearing about this.


This has been fixed with the update. It is also retroactive so it will fix any broken saved games.

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Great stuff!


Will this update add an illustration for The Grey Sleeper and Stormcaller?


They are the only soulbound weapons without one.


The Stormcaller image was checked in, but I think there was an issue with The Grey Sleeper. It will likely not be in this patch, but I hope we can get it into the next one.

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Does this also fix the bug with St. Ydwin's blade not registering vessel kills?

Will there be away to set wizards to auto use a mix of both damage and crowd control spells? 

I know I probably sound annoying asking this, but is the big drop in FPS caused by the AI being worked on? I saw it mentioned on a thread that it was, but it isn't listed nowhere on those patch notes.

Aug 31 2015 09:57 PM

Brandon, do you know whether the "speed stealing" item mod has been fixed?


It was confirmed by Matt Sheets as "set too high", meaning that weapons with that mod were stealing more than just 10% attack speed from their target. Makes those weapons very OP.


Thanks a lot for your hard work! The White March is pretty great :)

The patch will be released soon ?

Are the constructs in Galvino's laboratory also bugged and, if so, is there a timetable for a fix? Every construct I've seen has >110 defenses in every category and are essentially immune to all spells.

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As always. Thanks for the job you guys do!

Can you please expound upon how this patch is 1.7 GB?


It doesn't make any sense that bug fixes would be that big, so I'm assuming there's some kind of art/music/effects content.

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Sep 02 2015 04:59 PM

Does this update include the fix for Galvino? I really want to finish White March.

Thanks for the performance upgrade.

Is it official that pale elves have now lost their facial hair option? If it is the case, it's sad. It was an interesting option RP wise, and added diversity to elves models.

Sep 02 2015 10:00 PM

Vosz, it is official. Elves cannot grow facial hair in Eora (QA confirmed this in the technical forum.)

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Great to know that the load/save times are reduced! Did you succeed even on fixing che chanter bug (ice trap and summoning heavily influenced loading times)? Thanks for your work

URGENT Precision system seems bugged after last update upgraded weapons does not get precision bonus.

URGENT fter new update prcision system seems bugged, generally weapon upgrade seems does give  precison upgrades on my old saves. I notedthi lookin became precision level very low in my characters.

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