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  1. The patch will be released soon ?
  2. Getting worst for me... Reboot my computer do nothing... I still get 30 fps if I am lucky, and 20 fps most of the time... Which is unplayable because it's just slow... I really hope the patch will be out very soon, because it's really disappointing and annoying to buy game + expansion and not be able to play it...
  3. And note that when I get FPS drop, I can quit and re launch the game every time I want, I will still get FPS drop and get 20fps when my save is load. I have to reboot the computer. Right now, I've reboot, the game runs just fine, I quit few times, and still running fine. I can't say when the drop start.
  4. Good to hear that you are working on. I am also having fps drop, sometimes 15/20fps drop, which is unplayable. Not sure but reboot the PC and restart the game seem to work, the problem appear only in PoE so it's not an issue on my computer
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