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  1. That makes the choice really easy then Ranger it is! I was tossing up between having Grieving Mother or Sagani use the bow (which would also determine who would stay in my party). Returning storm centered on target combined with twinned arrows and driving flight to increase proc chance just seems way too powerful to pass up though. It is very powerful and a lot of fun. That said, I've got both of them in my party, GM equipped with Borresaine.
  2. At (character) level 8 you should be fine to clear at least (dungeon) level 7. I would wait for level 8 and below until you've finished with Heritage Hill because QUEST REASONS. The gear is pretty great actually, including plenty of gems and vithrack brains for enchanting.
  3. You need to find a note from a hidden frozen dwarf on level 1. Only after you've read it can you find the ingots.
  4. That's very odd. I have graphics on medium, it's not super smooth but it's fine and certainly better than 14fps. Driver issue with the GPU perhaps?
  5. I remember something in the lead up to WM that soulbound weapons would use the bonus of whatever weapon focus you had already picked, so you could have used war bows initially and chosen adventurer weapon focus and you'd still get an accuracy bonus for Stormcaller. Has anyone tested if this is still the case?
  6. I don't have this problem at all playing on a 2014 13" rMBP. Plays pretty much the same regardless of zone. I could do without the constant crashes on transition though.
  7. Hi all, Does anyone have any experience running the game on both platforms and whether performance is significantly better on either? I'm playing on a retina macbook pro with integrated graphics only, which runs pretty well (though not as pretty as it could be of course), however I also have a Windows 7 partition I could potentially play it on. I don't really care too much about the lack of cloaks on mac, it's only if I'll get better frame rates/resolution. HD space is very limited, so thought I'd ask first before deleting some stuff.
  8. Wonderful! Does this patch fix the disappearing weapons bug? I can't see it in the notes, but this thread said it would be fixed in an upcoming patch. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/81367-weapons-disappearing-in-stash/page-
  9. It was very clear from the dialogue I read with the steward. It would be easy to click through I guess but the text is there for a reason.
  10. Huh, I had the same issue with Tidefall, I just assumed it was nerfed.
  11. T To be clear on this, respect does not allow you to change your starting stats, it only allows you to go back and re-chose spells/talents/etc. If you will want to change your starting stats after 2.0 goes live, you will have to wait for IEmod or Keeper to get updated if you do not wish to use the console. TBH, the respec is seriously badly done. I was really hoping to respec the companions (Sagani is especially badly done), but all you can do is change the talents and junk. The Keeper will let you easily change your stats with out modding the game, IEmod will let you go back
  12. Thanks guys, will give it a go, maybe with mig 16, con 7, dex 14, per 18, int 16, res 7. Have Pallegina specced for crits, so should help. Interesting point on Brute Force + Threatening Presence. I had kind of thought (mainly from bestiary entries in game) that mobs with high Fortitude tended to be meatshields while those with higher Deflection were the ones capable of doing serious damage if not put down quickly (looking at you, Shades). Am I totally off base with this? I haven't been stacking weakened + sickened since I'm not using a party member that can apply it, though Aloth will be abl
  13. Has anyone tried a barbarian 2h crit/control build in 2.0? I'm thinking using The Hours of St. Rumbalt / Tall Grass, maxing Perception and Dex, maybe 15 INT and the rest split. Main abilities being Brute Force and Threatening Presence. You'd ideally use hearth orlan, but my character is fire godlike so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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