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  1. I have been having the exact same issue. Played over 200 hours before this started occurring so no idea what has caused it to start. Have basically shelved the game until I can find a solution.
  2. Not really sure how to best describe this bug. Occasionally when I cancel a spell cast by a party member, the cancelled spell "jumps" to a nearby party member who will attempt to cast the spell instead. If that party member is in the middle of an action when the spell "jumps" to them, they will cancel their current action endlessly and effectively become soft-locked. See screenshot where my MC single class monk is attempting to cast Ninagauth's Shadowflame (which he of course doesn't have) after I cancelled this spell on Aloth. My MC's current action, stunning surge, is cancelled endlessly and the character is completely locked. Some observations: the endless cancelling occurs even when the game is paused. the particle effect for stunning surge repeatedly builds up causing the game to slow to a crawl. This occurs even while the game is paused. the affected character is completely locked. He cannot cancel his current action, move, or do anything, effectively requiring a reload. The lock persists even after combat ends. While I have observed this bug occurring in multiple fights, in my experience, it tends to happen more frequently during the Lord Admiral Imp fight. I have no idea if this is just a coincidence or if there is something special about that fight which triggers this bug more regularly. EDIT - screenshot now attached.
  3. Your post was a good one, I simply wish to comment on this point. I would argue that any game where everything always happens the same way does not encourage multiple playthroughs, or even a second one, but that's obviously just my view. Just a little bit of randomness in encounters, quests, quest availability, shop inventories, shopkeeper appearances (in the sense of who's where and when on the maps, not in the sense of what they look like) etc. would add an awful lot of spice and replayability to a CRPG. And yes, I understand the extra work this would entail. I often think how lovely it would be if a huge new CRPG title (such as Deadfire was when it came out) contained this type of stuff to a significant extent. You couldn't go to a forum and ask for the location of the best <your favorite thing here> because your game would be slightly different from mine. And yes, I agree it'd be a nightmare for the players who want to check out everything in advance. That's a very interesting point. While there is certainly enough build variety in Deadfire to keep my re-playing it, I have to confess that the actual story progression tends to be nearly identical for me each time (particularly for the first 10-13 levels where I almost follow a prescribed path). While that's partly my fault, sometimes I wonder if it would be better if the game forced me out of my comfort zone every now and then (or perhaps that's what Eothas' Challenge is for ). I should say though that I'm not a big fan of randomized loot. In a game like Deadfire where I might be building around a specific item, I don't want that entire play through to hinge on whether a key item shows up.
  4. Frankly it just sounds like Deadfire is not the right game for OP. The game has taken a very specific approach to its loot system, and (in my opinion) it does it very well in the context of what it is trying to achieve. It sounds like there are just unavoidable differences in how Deadfire has been (deliberately) designed and what OP wants. That's not the game's fault and nor is it OPs - just means the game is not a good fit. A few points: Deadfire has not been designed around a linear loot progression system. Loot that you acquire in the "end game" is not necessarily better than loot that you acquire early. For the most part, all loot in the game has been designed so that, with the right set-up, it will can be effective. This is not to say that loot is useless. In many cases loot can be build-defining (as evidenced through the many builds posted on these forums that are built around very specific items). It is just a matter of finding the right combinations and experimenting with new set-ups, which the game strongly encourages. There is a strong argument that this increases the game's longevity. There is a reason people still theory-craft new builds on these forums almost a year after the game was released, compared with other RPGs that are not as well balanced where people have figured out the most optimum builds within the first month, removing a large reason to keep re-playing the game. The developers have tried to avoid designing items that just give flat bonuses to stats. You won't find many items that just give +5 to stats like you might in some other RPGs. A lot of unique are situationally beneficially, designed to be built around, or require some cost/benefit analysis to get the most use out of. There is, however, enough variety in the loot that you should be able to find an item that works well regardless of your build. I guess in summary if you want a game where you get a +1 sword in Act 1, a +2 sword in Act 2, and so on, then Deadfire is not for you. If you want a game that encourages multiple playthroughs, rewards creativity, and where there is no one clear "optimum" set-up, then Deadfire does that really well.
  5. Interesting! I never knew about lash damage being multiplicative - always thought all positive bonuses were additive. And yes my mistake in not factoring in crippling strike on the shadow dancer as a spammable full attack. @Boeroer: I have always wanted to take a single-class monk on a full playthrough but every time it just feels like their flagship abilities and passives come so late. Admittedly I've only ever made it to around level 12 or so on my single class Helwalker, but the lack of full attacks was really noticeable and it felt like I was just auto-attacking most of the time to save wounds. Even with stunning surge, at mid-levels the crit rate didn't feel reliable enough and 2 mortification for no bonus accuracy or damage felt a bit steep. I suppose shadowdancer has more active abilities to play with in the early/mid game. Haven't considered the soul blade multis in much detail, although I feel as though I'd be gimping myself going as DW instead of using WotEP (and while Sun and Moon definitely makes up for that somewhat, I feel like I've had my fair share with that weapon on the Holy Slayer!). A few questions: Are the bonus attacks from stunning surge and heartbeat drumming full attacks or just an extra attack with the weapon that triggers the crit? Can a Helwalker SC monk generate wounds fast enough with just Enduring Dance to use Whispers of the Wind regularly? Also on Enduring Dance, how much of a pain in the ass is it for a melee monk to maintain? Is it enough to reliable keep the monk's accuracy high until PL8?
  6. I have been experimenting with different builds to try and find the ideal dual wield DPS striker that can still offer some defensive capability. My current playthrough as a Holyslayer (Bleak Walker / Streetfighter) which on paper is fantastic, but from a flavour perspective RPing as a Bleakwalker has been surprisingly annoying and unenjoyable. I have been trying to think of an alternative that fits the following criteria: Focus on dual wielding (mainly for flavour); Primarily DPS; Ability to off-tank / take some heat (not interested in more "glass cannon" combinations like Beserker / Helwalker or Helwalker / Streetfighter); Decent at all stages in the game (I'd prefer not to have level 19 build defining abilities which is why SC monk hasn't appealed to me). I have been thinking a Shadowdancer (Tricker / Helwalker) should fit the bill but on paper it doesn't seem to compare all that well to the Holyslayer. Let's take damage bonuses. The Holyslayer gets: 32% from Flames of Devotion with Bleak Walker bonus; 30-50% from Sneak Attack with Streetfighter bonus; 25% from Retribution at full stack; 20% from Sworn Rival; and 50% from Deathblows. For a total of +177% under ideal conditions (which isn't too difficult to satisfy). Importantly, other than Retribution most of these bonuses are available right from the get-go (assuming Persistent Distraction + Bleak Walker FOD triggers the Sneak Attack + Death Blows conditions). The Shadowdancer gets: 30% from Helwalker might bonus at full stack; 15% from Thunderous Blows; 20% from Turning Wheel at full stack; 20% from Trickster Sneak Attack; 50% from Deathblows. For a total of +135% under ideal conditions. I could take it up to +150% with Lightning Strikes but realistically I would probably want Swift Flurry instead. A lot of these bonuses will have a "ramp up" time, however, because they are dependent on wounds. Of course, there is also the bonus attacks provided by Swift Flurry and later Heartbeat Drumming, which are a little difficult to quantify. However I am not particularly swayed by these as I feel the Shadowdancer does not have a way to consistently boost accuracy and therefore reliably crit compared with the Holy Slayer (Enduring Dance being the main booster, which is +12 under ideal scenarios but is not consistent when off-tanking). The Holy Slayer, however, knocks accuracy out of the park. Flames of Devotion (+10) plus Ring of Focused Flame (+10) plus Helm of the White Void (+10) plus Zealous Aura (+5) plus Persistent Distraction (effective +10) + whatever bonus Sworn Rival gives (assuming these all stack) is a whopping +45 effective accuracy or more each FoD. It also gets +35 accuracy with Confounding Blind which applies a further stacking deflection penalty. This should be enough to reliably crit on FoD attacks, which are fairly spammable. I'm not sure if there is anything else which can compare with this? Defensively as well I give the edge to the Holyslayer. The inherent bonus to all defensives from the Paladin, Lay on Hands and resistances to afflictions I think beat out what the Shadowdancer can offer, and the Holyslayer is also less susceptible to Arcane Dampener. On top of that, the Holyslayer offers some slight party benefits through Shared Flames + Aura + Lay on Hands if need be, whereas the Shadowdancer practically adds nothing from a support perspective. So is there something I am missing here, or does the Holyslayer just trounce the Shadowdancer in all departments? Am I deeply undervaluing the benefits of Swift Flurry + Heartbeat Drumming, even without a way to reliable score crits? Or is there another class combination that I am overlooking?
  7. Not to hijack the thread but I have also been looking for a DW build utilising either swords (modwyr and watchers blade for the double lashes) or sabre + stilleto (scordeos + rusts mainly for the aesthetic). Similar requirements to OP in that I want to be mainly dps oriented but not a complete glass cannon. Bonus points if it includes paladin, monk, barbarian or cipher as I find the story companions don't cover those classes well (weaker subclasses). Currently experimenting with a bleak walker / Street fighter or no class fighter / Street fighter (prefer not to go devoted due to weapon mixing). Interested in views and any other options.
  8. I am having the same problem described in the OP, which appears to have started since the 4.0.1 patch. Attempting the load saves or use the 'continue' function from the main menu causes a never ending black screen. The loading splash page never appears. Music still plays and I can still move the cursor. The problem seems to affect certain save files but not others. I have tried both deleting my "CurrentGame" Folder and deleting my Pillars of Eternity II system preferences and neither has worked. Attached my most recent "output_log.txt" in case that assists. output_log.txt
  9. That makes the choice really easy then Ranger it is! I was tossing up between having Grieving Mother or Sagani use the bow (which would also determine who would stay in my party). Returning storm centered on target combined with twinned arrows and driving flight to increase proc chance just seems way too powerful to pass up though.
  10. Just a quick question about the Soulbound hunting bow stormcaller before I lock it to a companion. For the ranger bonus with 10% chance to proc returning storm, is the returning storm template centered on the ranger or on the target hit? I'm worried that if it's the former, because the ranger has such long attack range, the proc won't be particularly useful as she won't be in range for returning storm to hit anything. As a related question, do multiple returning storms stack? I guess a similar question would apply with regard to the cipher bonus for soul shock. I'm assuming the proc there is centered on the target hit given that triggering soul shock around the caster when using a hunting bow would be incredibly useless?
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