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Hunting season Quest... really?

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In my last playthrough I wanted to help the druids, yet somehow I don't have the Green Lady's bless, despite that I already helped her recover. Actually, I don't remember the Green Lady granting me anything, just a cold "thanks".

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I think that in order to receive her blessing you must have also healed her daughters. This requires The Spine of Thicket Green from the Dark Cupboard or a druid party member. Then you sneak up on their respective trees and heal them.

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For something being 'for free', 'straight after leaving port maje' there sure is a lot of specific investment and required stopovers.

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I am totally okay with absence of peaceful resolution, but apparently unless the watcher is druid/ranger, this is not even tough call quest, it is no call at all quest.

As I mentioned in my previous post, you can side with them regardless of class if you've been blessed by the Green Lady.



Okay, that makes second option technically available, if I visited another zone by chance, but I fail to see why I should go there first.


EDIT: actually even you happen to visit Motare o Kozi first AND heal the grove AND all pwgra you still MAY NOT receive blessing from Green Lady, because it apparently requires to heal/talk to them in very precise order.  So you have to do all this right, in completely unrelated zone, pass diplomacy check and then you will have about absolute minimum to do in the druid quest for it to be even called quest. On my list of bizzare Deadfire quests, this one will rank highly.

Needless to say that after this I will kill them druids with pleasure :D


EDIT 2: I pondered it a bit more and if the druids made their overtures to fleetmaster in similar fashion, I can totally understand why she sent death squad after them :DD


EDIT 3:  if one has the blessing and opens dialogue with the druids with "Leave", they will make their counter-offer with no dimplomacy check whatsoever. So it serves no purpose, it is neither sufficient nor necessary to unlock alternative solution. Opening with "I have come to end conflict..." and then clicking on "Leave" will make them attack.

This quest is ripe for bug report, because it is simply not finished, or excised element of something that did not make to release.


Are you actually complaining that you didn't pass a skill check?


The premise is simple: they're fantatics. So unless you adhere to their philosophies or have really high diplomacy, you won't get through to them.


You're also leaving out the fact that they can offer you a quest to assassinate the Fleet Master. That's not a nothing choice. If you are not a druid or ranger but you have the soulbound nature rifle from Motari O Koiki they will also talk to you then.


This quest is completely appropriately designed. You're just ****ty it didn't accomodate your personally desired outcome. The devs responsibility is to let you roleplay in within the confines of the world, not to change the rules of the world just because you come in swinging your Watcher ****.


Not exactly. I am complaining that even if you pass diplomacy check, you may still have only one "option".

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