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Weird habits when breaking open and starting a new eagerly awaited game

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What is everyone gonna be playing?


I plan on doing a death godlike for a wizard build. Sucks that red dragon disciple an't a thing in Pillars. I freaking love shoving that class into all my stupid builds. 

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I'd say "pants are optional" except for the fact I have a cat. She likes to sit in my lap. Claws + bare legs = bad combo.


She's a sweetheart and is great at murdering me going on binges on watching series or playing any game for too long. She reminds me that moderation is key.


So, as we all venture forth into the Deadfire, remember, engage the game with moderation!


Even if I do love Xoti's voice. I saw some of Cohh's early videos and I just love Xoti's voice already.


Dragonwiz, to answer your question. Paladin for my Watcher. Leaning toward doing Paladin/Priest. Either Shieldbearer or Kind Wayfarer. Haven't decided which yet. For Priest, assuming the dispositions are the same, Berath for Shieldbearer and Eothas for Kind Wayfarer.

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Since the Explorer's Pack Bonus goodies are up now on GOG. I'm going to give that Digital Guidebook, Vol. II a look through.

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" Life... is strength. That is not to be contested, it seems

logical enough. You live, you affect your world. "

Jon Irenicus ´

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I've just cracked open my third beer. This is going absolutely fantastic!  :ban:  :ban:

I can't beerly wait either! ;)

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*** "The words of someone who feels ever more the ent among saplings when playing CRPGs" ***


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