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Hey guys,


Just decided to pick up PoE again after a long time away. I want to try out GM since I never did a run with her. Could someone suggest a powerful build. I'm not too picky on how she is built I just want to feel the power of a Cipher. My party setup Is versatile so anything should fit ok.





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Not sure if this helps but back when I recorded my Trio Tutorial I also used GM and as soon as defensive Mindweb was available respecced her into a dual wielding murder machine.

Here's the vid with the respec (starts at 17:33 mins)



(Before that I played her ranged and you can see how I level her up in much earlier vids in the playlist)

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Looking at her stats: Mig: 11 Con: 12 Dex: 16 Per: 12 Int: 17 Res: 10, I'd suggest trying her as melee:

- Blunting belt

- Sanguine plate (pierce proofed if stacks with belt; freeze proofed otherwise)

- Exceptional estoc or Drakesbell (till lvl 8); Tidefall (till lvl 12); Blade of the Endless Paths; (all with burning enchant) | Durance Staff, Arquebus of Lead Spiter in the offset

- Forgemaster's Gloves (till you get Gauntlets of Swift Action)

- Biting Whip, Greater Focus, Two-Handed Fighting, Draining Whip, Apprentice Sneak Attack, Scion of Flame, Weapon Focus, Spirit Slayer or Wound Binding (if you have chanter with +100% healing chant).


P.S. This build would greatly benefit from Aefyllath chant.

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Survial 12 for +20% damage against flanked targets, add an item with +10% against flanked and combine this with Phantom Foes. Together with Apprentice's Sneak Attack you will do +45% extra damage against those who got hit by Phantom Foes. Better focus gain.

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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