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Chanter Exploit - Multiple summons in one cast

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Needs Athletics since you need Second Wind.


1. Queue summon invocation, wait for the "shouting" animation.

2. Pause. Use Second Wind. Unpause.

3. Wait for the animation. Pause. Queue invocation again.

4. Repeat 2 and 3 as necessary.




Caveats: With the phantoms example I showed, I was only able to control 3 of them but the others still attacked when attacked or if you have Agressive as your behavior. 


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Cool! :)


Second Wind is totally broken. When you use it while Battle-Forged is on you will hit yourself with burning retaliation. This will kill you at higher levels.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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I just tested this and it seems to work with White Worms, too.

edit: tested it again and it also works with Thrice she was wronged etc, so I assume it works with any invocation.

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ofc this get's posted when my ultimate chanter is almost at level 9 and doesn't need summons anymore. :p


You will need summons later for sure - it would be a serious mistake not to invoke the animated weapons.


Well, the way I used to play chanter was stacking Dragon slashed, which doesn't work if you interrupt it by casting invocations.

Tbf you can't really stack at level 9 and with this exploit I might as well chaincast seven Nights. :D

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