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  1. https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Stalker%27s_Patience Where is this located and how early can it be retrieved?
  2. Say, if you have Persistent Distraction and the "The Long Night" chant on, would that make enemies qualify for Deathblows?
  3. Paladin(Darcozzi/Chanter(Troubadour) is exactly what I'm planning for my first big, major playthrough. How are you playing him? Planning on 12/10/10/16/16/14 front-line de/buffer. I know the stats aren't optimal, could sack RES to get better MIG but it's how I roleplay. I could make the split to 15/10/10/14/15/14 for a safer bet but I'm really leaning on the first one.
  4. I was remaking to the extent that I can but it seems like it removed some of the talents I got through interactions. I can't find the one for Dozen's Luck (the talent you get by playing the dice game in Stalwart's Inn), even in the wikia (gamepedia?). Thanks in advance! P.S. A little bit of commentary about a low Might, melee Chanter is appreciated as well. I'm planing to carry over a 12/10/10/16/16/14 Chanter (to be a Herald) in Deadfire. It certainly feels viable, but viable to what extent?
  5. Needs Athletics since you need Second Wind. 1. Queue summon invocation, wait for the "shouting" animation. 2. Pause. Use Second Wind. Unpause. 3. Wait for the animation. Pause. Queue invocation again. 4. Repeat 2 and 3 as necessary. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=926103089 Caveats: With the phantoms example I showed, I was only able to control 3 of them but the others still attacked when attacked or if you have Agressive as your behavior.
  6. I'm really liking what I'm reading. The feeling of certain classes being left out in combat is slowly being eked away.
  7. A Chanter is pretty easy to use but will remain powerful throughout the game, either to summons, CC, or to constant rain of fire and slash. Sure there's resource management, but it's minimal. Chanters don't rely on auto-attacks so wielding a hatchet and shield is a great way to survive in the frontlines, which you want to keep doing so that your chants are always applied to enemies.
  8. Running 3.05 and I've been following https://www.dropbox.com/s/ik2rdyvk5q48hrw/LootsDays.xlsx?dl=0 religiously. No changes found. Except! I opened the container(day of the month 20) up on the 2nd level of the Gilded Vale inn and didn't get the cloak. This was with a single character, so I think party count counts for something.
  9. Bah! Doing at least the first quest for the Crucible Knights locks and option. I'm too far in the game to bother rerolling. When's Aloth's dialogue about being an LK member gonna pop up? I'll just have him replace Thaos. Friends in high places and all that.
  10. How far does a Marking enchantment go? Is it as long as anyone attacking the same target as the holder? Or does it have an AoE type of deal?
  11. For the questions that don't need answering! --- Does Fast Mode speed up loading times as well?
  12. But like I've said, I've bound the spirits to the cannons and I'm still not that far into the game for the Aloth conversation to start(will still fail it since I'm not going to have Aloth remain in the cult).
  13. Well, the points to make in the [Have Abydon Forget] tree is pretty easy take. 1. Don't bind the Dwarves to ANYTHING. 2. Regarding the animancy dilemma, the proper answer is that you fear animancy's success rather than its failure because it will breed stagnancy.
  14. AFAIK, you need two points in each of the three dialogue trees. With [History] and [Memory] trees, I can easily get the needed points to make but I'm stuck in the [Abydon] one. Might have shot myself in the foot by binding the dwarves to the cannons. The other two options are telling them about Ondra/Abydon ship and Animancy. I can get the animancy point through, but there's nothing else. Can I do something that will allow me to get another one? I'm only at Act 2 without doing any of main quest quests.
  15. I'm thinking of a low Might, high DEX/INT Cipher that focuses on Afflictions. You wont be lacking for attack damage thanks to Soul Whip. I'm thinking 10/16/8/14/16/14? Granted there's a bit of RP-flavoring there(what attributes I think a Protagonist Cipher should have). Talents to take are pretty obvious(Biting Whip, TWF, ASA, so on). Take Greater Focus early. Like, level 2 early. Makes it easier to cast either Mental Binding or Psychovampiric Shield at the start of a fight. With equipment, the best things go to the Main Character! Sabres, undoubtedly but there's something to be said
  16. I wonder what you guys think of as the attribute spread of the standard footman of an Order. Like, say, a Shieldbearer having high RES or a Bleak Walker having high MIG
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