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  1. you don't have to kill the dragon to get the max level you can camp at the entrance and unlock the crackling bolts.
  2. talking about Durance, does bartender's ring stack with holy radiance for damaging vessel ?
  3. i know it 's a two years post, but if you haven't succed to get the rose yet , you can use the Iverra's Diving Helmet.
  4. thx, i wasn't sure about savage attack but i will give it a try. By the way i have tested your Monksterlash and i RHAAAloved it ( so powerfull, hard to play and understand at the start but so tanky at the end ).
  5. does two handed style worth it ? because i want a big full melee crusher priest to make my enemy fly away.
  6. When you use sabra marie with the five sun, all the hits are crit but not confusing the enemy ( but total damage are more than 200 now ). Boressaine is more interesting ; however he does less crit, but there are 4 or 5 heal effects on pellagina ( for approximately = 40 - 50 endurance ) and a stun effect on the victim, yes. And the rod of pale shade made a stun during 5 sun then another one during Fod.
  7. it work with all the ranged weapons , even golden gaze, but expose vulnerability wont happen. sabra marie do atomic damage ( a lot more than hundred without a buff ).
  8. But what about the eating while still hidden If Kana eat while hidden he would say ; " gnehho "
  9. I made some test and the + 15 acc vs wilder end primordial of a boreal dwarf ( hunter's instinct ) stack with the dargon trashed, the dragon wailed. It could be some kind of apprentice dragon hunter ( i mean Xaurip made their nest around dragons, and ogres ( dwarf friends according to age of wonder ) are good againts dragon). Crit on adragan are good too.
  10. does the intellect of the chanter have an interaction with the duration of the summon's ? Edit : my chanter is gonna kill them all
  11. if i understand, it is better to durganise those two damage type weapon ( when you have mastery ). Switching weapon is interesting only until you not have a not fully upgraded one ?
  12. Redblood


    Hello. Since i started to play PoE ( 2 month ago, i bought too many game on steam and don' t have time to play them all ( jagged alliance, starcraft not on steam, mordheim.. ) ), i come several times on this forum to read some informations about builds and concept around PoE, and i read a lot of pertinent articles that really help. i just wanted to introduce myself ( was a little shy to join ) since i realise this forum is mind open and some quote are very funny i had change my mind. i am from french west indies so my english is average but if i drink 2 beers it becomes perfect.
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