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  1. How could it be obvious to you and him when you weren't even there? Then you just don't know. So instead of saying that it didn't exist, you could inform yourself, or ask somebody about it who says that it did exist. Not knowing is not bad, but insisting out of ignorance is. 007 was big, even among children who couldn't even see the films legally, as it had adult content. But the gadgets were famous. There were many other hypes with merchandise in the 1960's: Thunderbirds with figures and vehicles of all kinds, Ivanhoe with swords and shields, Batman with action figures, masks and ca
  2. Me: there were films with merchandise long before he was born. He: you are wrong, there were no action figures. Me: here is the proof, you dumb ass! That's why.
  3. Nonsense. The 007 Aston Martin with the ejection seat for instance was produced as a Dinky Toy, and I was very jealous that my friend had one. Just Google "James bond merchandise 1960's" and you find all kind of stuff. James Bond action figures: https://nl.pinterest.com/pin/202450945734736891/?lp=true James Bond Road Race Set: https://cinemaretro.com/index.php?/archives/6570-OUT-OF-THE-PAST-VIDEO-TRIBUTE-TO-JAMES-BOND-1965-ROAD-RACE-SET.html Why do you write such comments when you obviously don't know anything about it?
  4. Oh, there were older movie franchises before Star Wars. Just think James Bond, still alive and kicking, somewhat. Kids these days, they think everything was invented in their lifetime.
  5. Just curious: what kind of launcher/drm will you get at privatedivision? Will it be a standalone program?
  6. Age of Wonders III. Great fantasy lore, great variation in army builds. Pretty fast paced for a 4X. And get ready for Age of Wonders: Planetfall that promises to be a great successor.
  7. There are 3 planned DLC. Nobody knows about unplanned DLC's, obviously. So you can spend your full creative fantasy speculating about it.
  8. I like the voiced narrative. Gives me time to look at the scene instead of parsing letters.
  9. I think the 'disowning' was actually a buy out, ie. buy back his shares. Chris mentioned that these shares were not revalued since their founding, of which he said that is was commercially sound in this case, meaning they paid him relatively little. These remarks only make sense in a context of a buy out.
  10. Sidekicks will maybe less appealing to hardcore players, but for more casual players like me, they can be a good way to play with more different characters. After some runs into the game I started to like changing companions for different quests, so with sidekicks there are a number of (supposedly) interesting builds to play with. Remember that the large majority of players will not go to forums for builds, but will just dabble with what the game has to offer. For those the sidekicks may present good playing value.
  11. The great Dutch admiral De Ruyter (who beat the joined French British fleets in 1672) kept chicken on the back of his ship, behind his personal room. He is said to feed them and talk with them before battles, when everybody else was nervous.
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