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  1. If I were to buy Outer Worlds on this website, would I be able to play it on Steam? Does anyone know?
  2. Well at least I'm still getting achievements!! I'm trying to get them all!!
  3. Mmmm, with the steam workshop all you do is subscribe or unsubscribe. Maybe it doesn't uninstall correctly??
  4. No mods, I did subscribe to a couple (steam), but I unsubscribed when I realized they would interfere with achievements.
  5. I just started a playthrough where I've multiclassed Xoti. I went to her inventory to giver her a fine breastplate, to see that The Vestments of Gaun had upgradability. It comes with Guans Pledge which stems into two different upgrade options, but I don't know what they are. It says "missing string 10706" on one and "missing string 10707". Her armor has never been upgradable before, is it because I multiclassed or is there some kind of error??? *update, if you click on them they tell you the bonuses*
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