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#Deadfire Q&A Twitch Stream with Josh Sawyer and Carrie Patel

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Query: Is there going to be a written transcript of the Q&A of this?

Fereed did it again :)

Transcript: link


P.S. It a bit worries me that there are so few (almost none) mechanics related answers. 

PoE1 has achieved a marvelous level of balance between Dex, Mig and Per, partially because of the way encounters were designed, allowing for DR and immunities to balance out the relative benefits in action speed increase (from Dex) and attack resolution shifting (from Acc). I.e. it looks like encounters have to be designed after all mech basis has settled down.


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I think you said that you make another Q&A next wednesday.

I post my questions here, if you make a new thread for next week I might copy it there.


1.) You said the world will be more open than the first game.

     Does this mean you will have automatic level scaling?


I do not like the word "level scaling" since playing Oblivion. Having hard battles against goblins and rats after killing hundrets of demons ruined my fun, made me quit this game forever and made me hate level scaling. I liked how gothic1+2 did it. In the beginning somebody told you to stay on the road and go to the next town. But you could go anywhere you want if your char can survive it (and even a lone wolf is a challenge for a lv1 char with no combat skill and a wooden stick).


2.) How do you desings stretch goals?

2a) Do you have a list of things you like to have but you cannot efford it or

2b) or does your team say "Oh, looks like the campaign goes better then expected. We should make a brain storm and dicuss what to announce next."


3.) PoE1 had one of the best class balance of all single player CRPG. Each class felt different and useful.

How do want to keep the balance with 11 classes and 55 multi classes with a varying amount of levels from each base class?

NWN2 gave you endless possibilities, but there were some very powerful combinations (e.g. Kaze No Kama and Obsidian Sorcerer) while it was also possible to make very weak chars and the rules were hard to understand for beginners.

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So far in PoE 1 Fighter has the highest accuracy and deflection parameters

is it so fighter will be the best choice to multi-class due his starter deflection / accuracy stats?


level 1 fighter / 19 barbarian (+5 accuracy +15 deflection +Constant Recovery)

level 1 fighter / 19 rogue (+15 deflection +Constant Recovery)

or there will be much higher bonuses to keep level 20 strict class?


Thanks in advance.

Done this with Moon Godlike Wizard


Perebor steam

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Why no multiplayer / co-op?

Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, Neverwinter etc. had it and it was hilarious experience to play with buddies.

Deadfire intend to be the best RPG ever created, but in my estimation, it won't w/o such thing as co-op, just because there will be Divinity: Original Sin 2.
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Done this with Moon Godlike Wizard


Perebor steam

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