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A Modest Proposal on the Naming of Hybrid Classes

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Give me the option to make up my own.

Just for the player character.


1. it will increase immersion: if my follower of Skaen thief/mage wants to call herself 'A Whisper of Skaen'....why not let me do that?

2. We could concievably have 3 fighter/mages....all who become battlemages. Let me be called something unique if that tickles my fancy.

3. You don't have to do it if you don't care.

4. Once the game releases, the build factory will start up again, and i for one would love to sort through a list of lore specific titles to decide what kind of character i'd run the next time through.


that's all.

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Since it's not an online game, and we are safe from seeing stuff like "Red Riding Hood of Wael", "Holy Batman" and so on, indeed why not?

These could be editable like chant sequences are. But ofc with an initial standard name.

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My monk/thief should be able to be named "Batflex4ever". In any case I think it would be a cute option, but not really anything I would use. Coming up with such stuff always makes me go stupid mode, and it ends up destroying my own immersion. ^_^

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