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Game engine and performance concerns - dev response?

poor performance unity engine

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Seriously? Tyranny is running into the same problems as all those other Unity Engine RPGs before it? Now I'm worried. That's one thing I truly find frustrating with PoE. the performance problems. I'm running DA:I and Battlefield 4 with no problems but 3 hours playing PoE slows my PC down to a crawl. Although, in a way I was able to monitor my gaming hours better since when the game starts to slow down, I would simply decide to stop for the day instead of restarting my PC.


Still, I hope the devs can assure us again like they did in the announcement video that they we won't have to deal with this typical Unity engine problem again.


For me, PoE worked better than Tyranny. It took sometimes 5-8 minutes to load an area in Tyranny, I don't remember the exact times in PoE, because I haven't played it in a couple of times, but they were a bit shorter. Locations with edicts active had an awful performance, I could barely move the party because the game was lagging more than I could have imagined. PoE didn't have such demanding areas, but I'm anxious each time Obsidian announces graphic improvements. I have to mention that my laptop barely meets the minimum requirements, but such problems won't stop me from playing :D 



Oh well, I think I can understand the reason behind the awful performance for Tyranny though. Afterall, the requirements for that game are higher than PoE.  ;)

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