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Issue with Tools of Faith and Devotion



Bought the Tools of Faith and Devotion bundle this morning. Took a very long time over the message of adding my purchases, and whilst it was going on got a very inopportune connection drop.


The upshot is that I've been charged and have a receipt, but don't have the bundle. Tried pretty much every trick in the book, including logging out, force shutdown of the app and the old reboot, and they aren't appearing.


ETA Just to stress, I've got nothing, no armor, no spell, no dice, no chests.

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I ran into this same exact issue. I have the receipt stating i made the purchase but got nothing for the bundle. When i made the purchase it sat at the trying to purchase message and when i closed the app to try again the choice was gone.

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Android version.


I tried to buy the bundle twice without success (each time it was stuck after the paiement confirmation, waiting for the bundle to be added)


I gor the Google confirmation of the purchase each time, but I never got the bundle, and now that I have restarted the game the bundle does not appear in the shop (and I still didn't get the chests and other stuff)


My account is PFID-406FA445AB4151A8


Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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