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  1. the new Valeros DLC is OK for me on Steam, but It's still locked on my android version (the 2 versions are linked). Any Idea please ? My ID : Mathusalem#6037
  2. Hi! I bought yesterday the new Valeros campaign on steam but I can't play it on my android. As if have merge my 2 accounts I expected that my dlc will be shared. Is it normal or not? Thanks
  3. Hi ! I just complete the process for having the ambassador upgrade. But when I put the key on steam, he only give me the 10% coupon (but I already own the game). And the DLC "upgrade to obsidian edition" is still to purchase. => how can I check If my account include all the cards I paid for ? Thanks !
  4. Hello Guys ! It seems I made a mistake. I just bought the PC version (Steam) of Pathfinder Then I linked to my android, where I bought a lot of stuff and had also a lot of chests. After the link, the PC version seems to have partially replace my android account : * I keept my gold on android, and it synchronize with steam (22k) * I lost some chests : now I have 100 on android and Steam, before it was more (don't remember exactly the number) * I have bought some alts : now all alts are unlocked * I had a lot of dices. All of them dispear. But now I have 6 of each legendary set. Strange. * I still have some cards missing : before the link I owned 1262/1318 card and after it's the same, dispite the Steam DLC * I bought the Tools of faith and devotion pack (see here : http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/89721-bought-tools-of-faith-and-devotion-and-got-nothing/?do=findComment&comment=1851118)and promotional cards and dices are missing Can you do something for me (chests, dices and cards) ? The new ID for my account (after the link) is 5F6ED0FE2EECECD2 / Mathusalem #6037, before the link (android), it was D1DB4F3297C42B1E​ / Mathusalem #8093​ Thanks !
  5. +1. I bought the full package once. I will not repay the full price just to unlock the alt. Please sell a alt bundle.
  6. Hi, I bought the Tools and Faith bundle and got nothing. My ID is D1DB4F3297C42B1E​ ​or #8093​ The command number is : GPA.1321-9402-6679-08576
  7. Hi ! I just bought the bundle. I was charged. In game a message asked me to wait. But it's last forever. When finaly I restarted the game, I got nothing. * The bundle disapear from the store * No chests * No dices * No Legion Armor Could you restore my purchase, please ? My ID is D1DB4F3297C42B1E
  8. Hi ! I just bought theLimited Time Bundle: Tools of Faith and Devotion. I had a windows asking me to wait but It lasts forever. So I quit and... I got nothing : * I was charged * The bundle disapear from the store * No +25 chests * No Dice * No Legion Armor Can you restore my purchase please ? Thanks
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