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3.3 Here comes the flood, unbeatable bug



I've attempted several times, it seems the mission keeps score for you to check.The boss Black Magga is scoring a point for EVERY card he discards not just allies, the score tracker often reads 12 points heros, 40+ black magga, also I'm not sure the boss is supposed to swipe 3-5 cards per turn. Either the fight is incredibly unbalanced or its as I expect and bugged. Android galaxy 6s, normal difficulty, 4 hero group.

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If you had 12 points then you should have won the scenario since all you need is 9 allies at 6 player game. There was a known bug where you'd loose IF Magga took the last card tho...


As for other things... the score is as it should be. You're not supposed to know how many allies Magga eat so the game keep track of total cards she took, not what her actual score is. The game does track your actual score so you can be more or less sure where you are. Magga is also supposed to take d4 cards on normal difficulty and d6 on heroic or legendary so it's possible you're just unlucky. If she did took 5 cards on normal than that is a bug... are you sure about that?

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Here comes Flood, short description.

- game calculates every card that Magga eats. It is the Number you see, and Also the real number of allies it eats, the Number that you don't know.

- the game calculates how Many allies the gamer saves.


- if the saved allies is same or greater than the secrect Number of eaten allies, the plaer Wins. The safe point is half of the allies in the game.


- with 6 players there are 18 allies, so you need 9 allies

- with 5 players there Are 17 allies, needed 9

- with 4 players there Are 15 allies, so you need 8 allies saved.

- with 3 players there Are 13 allies, so you need 7 allies.

- with 2 players there Are 10 allies, need 5 allies.

- with 1 player there Are 9 allies, need 5 allies.


- Magga eats From random location, so it can try to eat From location where there is no cards.


Actually Here comes Flood has been one of the easiest scenarios after the "eat last card" bug was fixed. Have to check if it has come back, but that would be really strange.



I did check out. The Here Comes the Flood is working perfectly.

I did get the minimum of 9 allies and win the game with 4 characters in the team. So the game is calculating correctly.






Update: corrected ally amounths. I did collect too Many allies... Have to try to collect only 8... Have to play badly so that I can do that...

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I have won with 10 ally several times and one with 9 sometimes also at Legendary difficulty (the only difficulty I play now).


After that, Black Magga eats d4 (d6 at Legendary) cards for turn. So if you get an unlucky setup (allies at the bottom) and villain gets a good sequence of rolls (40 cards eaten before turn 15) you have good chance to lose.


But there are very useful strategies:

- fast exploration (when you optimize your decks and play style, you can full explore a location in 2/3 turn with each alone character, so you 'eat' more cards then the villain)

- there are locations with 2 and 3 allies declared in the location decks. Start there at the beginning with all you characters. Ignore location with 0 and 1 allies in the deck at the first setup. In this way, also if your team is slower than the villain consuming cards, you can focus exploration on richer locations.

- my gold rule for that scenario: ignore always closing location and ignore always location where there aren't any allies (you can get this information in different ways). No matter in this scenario if you get 0 blessing (only the number of allies counts)


I lost that scenario once, when I was newbie. It never happens now and I play always 6-party at legendary difficulty (villain can eat 6 cards at once). Anyway we all can get a very unlucky setup in the locations and incredibly lucky rolls for the villain, so there is always that possibility. But start to apply well those strategies and you ll kick its a**. gl mate

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- with 6 players there are 24 allies, so you need 12 allies


24 allies? How did you came to that number? Locations that are used in 6 player games have only 10 allies between them and you add another 8 from scenario power. That's 18 so where does the final 6 came from?

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It is actually very easy... use augury and other seeking spells to try to find the allies. Ofcourse you have to have enough blessing and allies that you can get all those allies that Are in the top of the deck or They Are easy target ti Magga.

Also consentrate your firepower to locations that have most allies.

You normally can do 3 explore each turn, so if Magga gets 2-4 you have better change because you have deck scouting abilities. For example if there Are 2-3 card in the top of the deck that Are not allies. The Magga can eat those and come,bac when Magga has destroyed those cards!

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Whilst I have come across an enormous amount of bugs in the story mode, a broken 3-3 is NOT one of them, and as far as I can tell it's working fine. Again, to re-iterate, the "Score" you see on the left for Black Magga is simply the overall number of cards she's eaten, NOT how many allies. Even if it says "10", she might be at score 0 - the point is that, like the real game, the information as to how many allies have been eaten and how many are left in the decks is supposed to be hidden information.


Furthermore, as long as you never fail to acquire an ally, the difficult of the scenario is not great, albeit some characters (Ezren, for example) do pretty poorly at it.


Put all of your party members in locations that have the largest number of allies or locations that allow for additional explorations (Such as the General Store). Ignore closing the locations as a general rule. Take as many explorations a turn as is safe - feel free to throw all of your blessings and allies to explore over and over, then spend blessings from your teammates to make sure you succeed when the opportunity comes to acquire an ally. Certain spells, like Augury, can also effectively function as extra explores, by reducing the number required to hit an ally.


Even if things look bad, the scenario tips more and more in your favor as time passes, as Black Magga becomes more and more likely to randomly choose to eat from a location that's already empty, 'wasting' her turn.


Remember, the scenario rules are a glorified way of telling you "Acquire X allies during this scenario before the decks are empty. There are extra allies to acquire." Hannibal gave the figures in an earlier post, but it's really not as bad as it sounds with 30 turns, extra allies, and no real reason to not spam extra explorations all game, since there's no real dangerous combat nor longevity to consider. When you've got the number of allies, you can just wait out the clock if you really want.



I literally tried this scenario over 50 times on normal and Its unbeatable. The baddy eats between 2 and 4 per turn. Its impossible.

The thing is that even if Black Magga eats 4 cards a turn (worst-case scenario in nonlegendary) it's still surprisingly easy to beat. With blessings and allies, an average character can usually make about 3 explorations a turn or so, and you can intentionally choose locations with the most allies or with extra location effects (Academy, General Store). Black Magga will randomly pick locations, whether they have 3 allies, 1 ally or 0 allies - or even an entirely empty location deck. Black Magga gets less productive turns due to the randomness, and later on in the game will outright waste turns over and over whilst you do cleanup on the location decks that started with the most allies.
Just always keep track of how many allies you expect to see in a given location deck. Don't be afraid to dump most, or all, of your party in a single location that is stacked with allies or is giving you some significant benefit for being there.
The question to ask, regarding how you're doing, isn't "How much is Black Magga eating", but "How many allies do you have at the end of the game?" The later line of text is all that matters, and the lack of anyone saying an answer suggests to me that a lot of people are early-forfeiting even though they were probably winning the whole time, or had a good chance at winning.
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I literally tried this scenario over 50 times on normal and Its unbeatable. The baddy eats between 2 and 4 per turn. Its impossible.


I actually find it easy.


1-. Focus on the locations that have most allies, dropping there your "best" ally-acquiring heroes. For example, forest has only one ally while docks has three , so if you have to ignore a location, ignore the ones with least allies.


2-. Use augury's and the like... not only to find allies, but to send unwanted cards to the bottom of the location deck (Naga starts eating bottom-to-top while you explore top-to-bottom). So, if a location has a higher specific type of boons or banes than allies... chances are you may find some, and send them packing bottom so naga has to eat them first.


3-. You do NOT have to close locations. Once you clear a location of allies abandon it for another location that has allies - or you "think" may have allies (if the naga started chomping, all cards on the location will appear with a ? sign) and let the naga eventually go to the cleaned location to chomp useless cards.


4-. Bring some fast explorers. Players with many blessings and allies do much better that slower ones in this scenario since you want to explore the "juicy" locations (the ones with several allies) quickly. Once you cleared the good ones you can stop playing aggresively and conserve resources in case you don't have decent means of healing.

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