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  1. 11. Goblin Lini's "Trick It!" ability does not work correctly, and does not add 1d4 to non-combat checks against allies. It does, however, still add 1d4 to non-combat checks against banes.
  2. Literally can't go a mission without finding new bugs... 10. Attack on Sandpoint (Heroic), or scenario B-3 of the Goblins campaign, states that the difficulty to defeat Human banes is increased by 2 (and are treated as undefeated if you roll a 1 on a 1d6), but the difficulty is actually increased by 4, as well as having the 'roll a 1d6 to check if defeated' difficulty spike. Screenshots can be provided on request.
  3. THAT part isn't a bug. That's how his power is worded, and that's how it is handled in both the physical and digital game. It's an inherent part of the power that says "when this happens, banish it". The only actual bug is it does explicitly say that animals have to be used FOR THEIR POWER for him to eat them, but it happens even when they're discarded/etc for other card and power effects, which is explicitly not as written.
  4. 9.5. Miraculously, Merisiel beats Stomp... and the scenario is over, game won. Uh... where was the required reroll to defeat banes with the animal trait? Lini never got to take precombat damage? It wasn't even Merisiel's turn to fight. I guess... it worked? It's horribly bugged, but I somehow made it through. Man, this game remains broken, and I'm annoyed that I keep coming back to it expecting something different, like not playing with new characters and assuming I'd stop running into so many issues.
  5. 9.4. I encounter Stomp again, and it may be the Wildcard (if you take more than 1 damage from combat, bury one of those cards) that's bugging this. Seoni encounters Stomp, takes pre-combat damage (1 damage), then Merisiel takes pre-combat damage (2 damage), has to bury one... then suddenly Merisiel is encountering and is in a check to defeat Stomp, though it's Seoni who explored. And I just discarded my weapons because, you know, Seoni was going to be the one fighting and finishing this off. And I have no idea what will happen when I beat Stomp here, IF I can beat Stomp here, if it even counts. This scenario seems entirely broken, at least with this wildcard.
  6. Yet more issues. 9. The villain "Stomp" seems pretty bugged, at least the Heroic variant thereof. I encountered it with 3 characters at the Horse Pen location, temp-closed the only remaining location, and noticed some oddities. 9.1. Despite the text claiming Stomp deals 1d4 damage to all characters at the location before you act, it only rolled to do damage to the encountering character (Lini) not the other characters at the location (Merisiel and Seoni). 9.2. After the damage almost entirely emptied Lini's hand, she used the Animalbane Dogslicer, discarding it for its effect, for combat. She had no remaining cards in hand. She beat Stomp with the help of the weapon and blessings. After beating Stomp, rather than immediately going to the 'reroll against banes with the animal trait' as per the scenario rules, instead it jumped to Seoni and had her roll a 1d4 for damage from Stomp(?). Despite rolling '2', she took 1 damage (was that just the damage from the Dogslicer mistakenly redirected to her?). All annoying, but not really 'gamebreaking'. Except that... 9.3. Suddenly it's back to Lini's turn (Merisiel took no damage) and she is attempting a new check to defeat Stomp (which only has 1 check to defeat), with none of her previous dice, and without a hand to fight with, so I'm forced to just roll the 1d4 and take the loss. Waste of blessings, cards, time and everything. This is a stark reminder for me to turn off permadeath mode (even though it's literally the intended way for the game to be played) because this would've been a case where I could have lost a character to completely unpredictable, buggy behaviour.
  7. Really!? Gah, I'm regretting picking this up on PC, and I'm regretting coming back. So many card interactions are plain broken. 8. Blessing of Zarongel does not give 2 dice in a check against "Dance with Squealy Nord", despite said barrier having the Animal trait (and Blessing of Zarongel stating it gives "2 dice to any check to acquire or defeat a card that has the Animal trait").
  8. Also... 7. Poog's "Shot in the Arm" power, in addition to the previously-stated bugs, is really finicky about ever triggering if used off-turn. If you evade a bane with Ranzak and encounter it with Poog, and someone uses a blessing on Poog's check, Shot in the Arm never gets a chance to trigger. This was largely mentioned in a previous bug reporting thread (well over 6 months ago).
  9. Incidentally, a bug where, in corner-cases when trying to activate abilities off-turn (particularly during "card hand-off" phase), characters take their turns out of order (and VERY odd behavior occurs regarding encountering cards from location decks) is still in effect. Difficult to reproduce, but I have mentioned the symptoms on my previous bug reports in older threads. Also, bug #6, and one that I can't quite believe even occurs... 6. Ranzak's favored card type is "choose one", but he never is actually prompted to choose. I believe the game treats him as having no Favored Card Type (or perhaps Item). He should use the same code as Lem for this, so I really don't see how there's a bug here.
  10. Fair, and I notice from the blog posts that the situation hasn't changed much since 12 months or so ago. Even so, I question even keeping this forum open if it's not being utilized. I also find some annoyance in (though not surprise in) the release of new content before the fixing of bugs, since various bugs have existed for a lot longer than recent content updates have.
  11. I should note that I can provide screenshots for all of these if requested. But I'm really not inclined to go through the effort to save and dig them out unless there's some kind of official request, because in all of my dozens and dozens of bug reports (approaching about 50 in total) for this game, I've never once had any official acknowledgement on any of those issues. As a result, my motivation to actually go out of my way to help more - as I did previously - has been shot to the ground, and I'm about 70% confident that Obsidian barely reads this forum. (Though I'd be happy to be proved wrong)
  12. I feel like I should've just made this a "general thread of bug reports #3". Another bug; 5. The bane "Tome of Knowledge" is displayed next to my Ezren, and whilst his normal Arcane checks are decreased in difficulty as appropriate (since his Intelligence checks, which includes his Arcane checks, are easier with it), his recharge checks for his spells are not modified in difficulty. Despite, of course, still being Arcane checks. In addition, I can confirm that, as far as I can tell, all banes that Ranzak evades to have another character encounter instead will nullify that bane's "Before You Act" entirely, which is incorrect.
  13. Also, is there a reason why buying Treasure Chests in packs of 6 is 2500 gold on the Tablet (Android) version of the game, but 3000 gold on Steam? That seems hugely suspect.
  14. Almost immediately came across another bug (screenshots can be attached if requested). In the second scenario of Goblins Burn Adventure Deck 1, I used an Animalbane Dogslicer against the henchmen "Vicious Dog", most appropriately. As a downside to using the Animalbane Dogslicer, the user is "dealt 1 combat damage that may not be reduced". The user (Goblin Amiri) was, however, deal 2 combat damage, most likely as a result of the Vicious Dog henchmen having the ability "Damage dealt by this is increased by 1". That's a bug, then, because the damage wasn't being dealt by the dog at all, but by my own card, and should not have been modified.
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