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  1. I used Cape of Escape several times and it seems that most of the time it bugs and I can't continue playing, need to forfeit the game. When I use the card I can choose new location and my characters teleport to it, but then it cannot end the action and it get stuck. Sometimes it works to close the game and relaunch it, but doesn't work every time.
  2. Same here, When I updated and opened the game I got some rewards for quest level, but everything else on my account is reseted. Its like I'm loading the game for 1st time. kkkmazut #3572 EF38A75DFE2A76A4
  3. Is the mobile game no longer free? I play on blue stacks, but my account is reseted and I lost all progress and all purchases... All that is left is my gold. Liked with asmodee account, but didnt fix the problem...
  4. I literally tried this scenario over 50 times on normal and Its unbeatable. The baddy eats between 2 and 4 per turn. Its impossible.
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