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  1. 6-5 is the scenario you'll return over and over to farm anything. Just ensure you will be able to clear it (you MUST clear the scenario to get the ph4t l00t, you're not farming the scenario itself, you want to get the loot from successfully clearing the scenario)
  2. I prefer a 2-women than a 2-man by far: Seelah + Kyra. Seelah can work either base or Alt. For Kyra I prefer the alt version (Sunwrought). Seelah can spec whatever you want but for Kyra you ahould go Exorcist. Focus both on STR first, then add CHA for Seelah and WIS for Kyra. As for playstyle... full Iomedae blessngs on Seelah, Full Sarenrae blessings on Kyra, split them on separate locations and use their blessings to explore multiple times per round and help each other in case of need. Kyra is specially powerful while Exorcist, since she'll essentially recover all used Sarenrae's at
  3. It's the second button (the light blue "8-way" arrow) on the "phases menu" on the top right of the screen (at least on tablets). You can usually move right after "start of turn" actions.In case your character has not a start of turn action available, then "move" usually becomes the button highlighted when you switch characters. Be aware, if you advance to "explore phase" (usually by clicking the red ">>" arrow) you lost your opportunity to move (unless something allows you to move later, like spells or items) until the next turn
  4. Seems that instead of granting the rewards for the highest level character, we got rewarded for the lowest one. Had several 40's and got rewarded for a lv13. There's also a megathread for this same issue, so seems not uncommon. Posting on both megathread and as a new topic, just in case. Android 5.1 Yorien666 #1939 pfid 14A62990BC5D6254 Also, the weekly challenge has gone missing since the update (perfect day for dissapearing, when most players were probably at 2/3... XD). Only the daily remains.
  5. Add me to the list... got rewarded for a level 13 character when I had several 40's. Seems that instead of granting the rewards for the highest level character, we got rewarded for the lowest one: Android 5.1 Yorien666 #1939 pfid 14A62990BC5D6254
  6. I actually find it easy. 1-. Focus on the locations that have most allies, dropping there your "best" ally-acquiring heroes. For example, forest has only one ally while docks has three , so if you have to ignore a location, ignore the ones with least allies. 2-. Use augury's and the like... not only to find allies, but to send unwanted cards to the bottom of the location deck (Naga starts eating bottom-to-top while you explore top-to-bottom). So, if a location has a higher specific type of boons or banes than allies... chances are you may find some, and send them packing bottom so naga
  7. I'd go: 1-. Get the discounted adventure packs 2-. Get the rest of the adventures or save for the character addon pack. 3-. Get the rest of the adventures in case you got the character addon pack before purchasing all of them 4-. Get the rest of the base characters (or save for the base + alt pack), or just go for chests to complete the card collection.
  8. Ezrel is a good character with his enormous hand... but he has ZERO blessings and,as you'll already know... blessings are basically the best type of card in the game granting dices when you need them most. Early on Blessings are helpful... but as the grame progresses they start being almost mandatory for several situations where you need to dump a pile of dice to ensure a roll succeeds. And sadly, in combat terms is not one of the best characters, while he has a big hand so may essentially have the correct spell for almost any situation, in RAW damage terms he ends up needing some help. His Al
  9. In Story Mode there are adventure rewards and scenario rewards. Those rewards are gained in a character basis. To obtain an adventure reward, a character must clear that adventure for the first time. To obtain a scenario reward, a character must clear ALL adventures for that scenario. Check the completion page of your characters and you'll see what adventures they've cleared and which ones they may be missing. Yes only characters that have completed ALL the adventures in a scenario get the scenario reward, If you have character's missing one or more adventure you have t
  10. I don't quite like Shalelu as a good ally here, I find her prety niche. Very useful for some characters but not an ally I'd consistently have in my character's decks. My points are: - Allies, along with blessings, are the main sources for extra explores for almost all characters. If you're not going to use an ally for the explore itself that ally should have a powerful enough "alternative skill" to be "worth" dropping the explore. - Characters with small hand sizes and ones unable to either quickly cycle or reshuffle their decks will probably not recover Shalelu in time to play her
  11. Lini is a heavy support character. Her main advantage is that she can buff any check she has to do herself by revealing an animal ally (and since allies are her favored cards, she always starts with one). That essentially means she has a "free" 1D4 +X (usually +3 or +4) to any check. She also has the advantage that she recharges animal allies, so sometimes she may get "free explores" (many animal allies have "discard to explore").She's mainly used for healing and to deal with "hard checks" (like closing locations, or locations that require rolls from time to time). She's also good for boon fa
  12. Same here but with The Scribbler. Device info: - CHUWI HI10 - Android version: 5.1.1 1-. Character fights Scribbler. 2-. Scribbler summons monster 3-. Character kills monster 4-. Character fights 1st combat phase vs Scribbler 5-. Character beats 1st combat phase 6-. Scribbler reshuffles to the deck instead of reaching second combat phase. Not only this is an issue, but also, to beat the scribbler you have to beat him TWICE (4 rolls), and every time Scribbler reshuffles counts as a loss.
  13. Gold is automatically granted on challenge completion (you don't have to go to the challenge section to claim it, like the weekly challenge), and many times I've found that the gold update icon end's up "hidden" by another gold gain or a loading screen, but it's still granted. Best way is to control your gold total once you're nearing challenge completion, and check if the 100g/150g... whatever the daily bonus is, is added once it's cleared. Seems the way the card queue works, and the moment the game "notices" when a card is "played". You're making an attack roll or what
  14. Depending on how much you want to wait, here are several recomendations 1-. The character Add-on deck (6000 gold for Amiri, Seelah, Lini and Sajan plus deck C) is great. If you don't have an urgent need to add extra characters, saving for the pack is really worth. 2-. Be aware that 2000g is for the base character only, the Alternate characters are either worth either 6k or 7k, and include both the alternate and the base version. Some alts are better that thier base counterpart, and the opposite, but in case you find an alternate is better, saving to get it (and obtain the base version
  15. It also happens to me from time to time. Sometimes either the game or the servers desn't recognize the "action" being completed but in that case progress is not updated. Dont' call it a day and consider the challenge broken, do something else for a couple hours and retry the challenge later. 99% of the time it happened to me, had no issues by the time I retried. The reduce incoming damage challenge can be cleared in a couple minutes tops unless really unlucky (or actually "too lucky") with the location cards, so no big deal having that issue once when there are many other challenge where
  16. If I recall, as for now Obsidian is focusing on the Steam release of PA. Once it's released, they'll see.
  17. I also agree she's almost god tier, but not just for her evasion, but also for her sneak attack, and Inspired Dexterity once you enable roles. Sneak Attack is essentially a "free" dice for all combats, as long as she's alone and has a card in hand. Inspired Dexterity is essentially a "free" dice when a dexterity check is involved as long as she has a corresponding blessing in hand, and you'll eventually fill her deck with the proper blessings anyway. That alone grants her good combat capacity in many situations. You might even keep an amulet of XXXXX fists as a backup "weapon" unti
  18. Yeah... most probably the storm will happen when people starts complaining about the Quest Move removal once it's done, unless Obsidian has developed something to make people forget, if they only stick with Story Mode, game will become too repetitive. Patch will have to do things very well. For many, QM, with it's limitations, was still better than SM because of the (slightly) randomized system and the XP system.
  19. Quest Mode should stay as it is. Drop support, drop gold rewards, prevent daily challenges from being completed on QM... but let it stay. I've not even finished story mode, but I have played QM a lot (enough to have several 40's) because I really feel is a much better and varied mode (even with the current T3 limits) than Story Mode. They're essentially removing half of the game just because they have no time to properly work with both "halves". But don't remove one half "just because", let it stay as it is if there is people who actually enjoys that half more than the other.
  20. Most armor cards state the following: Banish this card to reduce all damage dealt to you to 0. If you are proficient with <light/heavy> armors, bury this card instead. You should always be able bury/banish to negate all damage unless the damage source says it "cannot be reduced". In that case you have to discard on a card-per-point basis. If the damage can be reduced to 0, then the bury/banish button appears behind the discard one
  21. Obsidian is getting rid of the mode that actually grants replayability to the game?. Now, once you are done with Story Mode you'll have to play the same scenarios again and again, with no changes? QM was exactly what PFA needed, randomly generating adventures on the fly instead of playing the same thing again and again with no changes, grinding the same stages for the specific card that appears on them. I haven't even finished Story Mode since iI found it too repetitive, but already have several lv40 QM characters since i find QM way more enjoyable that just playing the same scenario over
  22. Sajan kicks asses and chews bubblegum all over the place. For me is probably the strongest character for solo play if you don't mind clearing everything thrown at you. With a decent mix of Erastil's and supportive blessings you just recharge several to unload a pile of dices on any combat that requires a single check to beat and move on to the next bane, this allows you to equip supportive items (specially the "recharge to beat" ones, Masterwork tools, Chime of opening, Crown of Charisma...) to deal with most non-combat banes, with maybe the help of a support blessing (one that grants 2 di
  23. Daily challenge gold is automatically granted the moment the challenge is completed. Still, normally, the gold "icon" showing the amount of gold obtained usually ends up hidden behind a loading screen, depending on when the game aknowledges the challenge being completed Still, keep track of your current gold and you'll see you actually get the challenge gold added once you clear the daily.
  24. Yup, Warchanter was changes, and now sends you directly straight to combat, but if you check both "chained" spells and cards with the attack trait, you'll see the "blue halo" around them that shows they're playable. Once you click on them you'll be able to make the needed Wisdom roll.
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