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  1. Maybe I'm just not picky but you guys do know you can use Steam and GoG. Sure you can have a preferred platform but if you are getting a better deal with the other use that. On my PC I have Steam, GoG and, god help me, even Origins because of game exclusivity or because the best deal isn't always on one platform. I mean I prefer Target to Walmart but I don't vow to never step foot in a Walmart or cry foul when something is a better deal there. Again, maybe I'm just easy going with this sorta thing.
  2. I have a few questions Will the system be in place to share purchases between platforms? I heard a rumor that you have something planned around using Facebook to keep track or something. Will the PC version have controller support?
  3. Thanks all. I restarted the app this morning and was able to make good purchases. Enjoying the game a lot and debating just buying the 24.99 pack. What isn't included with that?
  4. Just downloaded the game and earned about 600 gold. When I go into the store everything either has a cash price or it says -1 gold and errors out when I try to buy it. So is something messed up or am I missing something?
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