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  1. What's the best scenario in 6 to farm items? I hate locations that require banishing cards since too often I've been burned by having a hand with no sacrificial cards. So, 6.1 with the haunts is risky since you have to immediate banish a card either from your hand or the deck.
  2. I am going through the campaign with a 6-man crew (Ezren, Seelah, Harsk, Lini, Amiri,Merisiel). I am up to 6.1 but I am interested in trying a 2 man crew of the left-over characters. What's a good 2 man crew and how does playing 2-man work, does the duo stay together most of the time? I was interested in perhaps Valeros and Lem since they they had at location buffs. Another though was Seoni and alternate Kyra (Sunwrought?) to cover wis/cha with some melee from kyra and divine/arcane casting
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