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  1. From new version i didnt recieve anymore 3 days quest that give me 500 gold. Its a bug or is new feature from new patch? Also i recieve wrong money and chest according to my char level. I had 2 chars around lvl 20 and think 2 around lvl 10 (dont remember well since i didnt play quest mode a lot) but i recieve for just lvl 7 My PFID: 746220204EE28301
  2. I have been rewarded for lvl 7 (or 8 i dont remember) but i had 2 around 20 and some other low lvl. PFID-746220204EE28301
  3. WWho is better form mage, sorcerer and bard? In tabletop i Will choose always the mage but here i dont know how they are rated and how good are. Speaking about base version of those chars
  4. Is worth buy Ezrael or Seoni or Lem (basic)? I alrady bougth 6000 gold pack and complete first 5 adventure with 4 man party. I dont use barbarian and mono
  5. <p>On most smartphone you will be right. But ASUS zenfone has a different way to manage memory and it close almost everything when I switch by apps so I have to reload pathfinder and choose continue when happen</p>
  6. With Asus zenfone so many time the app is closed just switching to Facebook or whatsapp few seconds so probably yes
  7. Hello, Today i have a bug with daily quests. It give me complete both weekly and daily. And i haven't completed anyone and mainly i didnt recieve any reward for complete that. PFID-746220204EE28301 My Name: Porcellino #5957
  8. I just buy char pack with 4 char dot 6k gold. Now if i understand well i need to restart game. I was thinking to a party with paladin-barbarian-rogue-cleric. Or just do a 6 man party with all chars i bot. I try a little druid but i am not sure how good she is. Also i dont understand how i access to acrobat skill for Rouge for example. Another info is that i dont get prompted to modify my decks when i started so i dont know if is possoble to modify it.
  9. Anyone know how long they take to give a answare here or by mail?
  10. I try but didnt work... i just mailed at support also... hope get my account back soon
  11. This morning i posted about i lost my money (i still dont see the post up, so i am not sure it was finalized since i send from my phone). I noticed i didnt lost only my money (not sure on amount but from 4500 to 4700 gold about) but i lost also my purchase of first 2 adventure. What i didnt lost are saved char on my phone (rogue and cleric about level 11 with almost all stuff. i noticed i miss a shortbow +1 this morning from rogue and i am sure i didnt banished it). Also on my phone when i join story mode i see my last play on Legendary Local Heroes but when i continue story i cant select
  12. Hello, This morning when i logged in i noticed i nave 0 money. I think was a simple sycro problem. But now after a quest i got 30 gold. Yesterday if i remember well i had 4500+ (think was 4700+ but not totally sure). I also noticed i lost my shortbow +1 on rogue and i am totally sure i didnt banished it. How i can recovery my money? Please help me
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