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Hey guys,


I'm running a Weapon and Shield style paladin in my solo run and I'm currently level 10.

Running Resolution + Outworn Buckler (both enchanted).


I tried delving down the Endless Paths and I get not wrecked, but it's a lot harder than I expected it to be :p


Managed to get to and finish level 5 with a set of camping supplies + what I collected on the way (which was 3 I believe) back when I was I think level 8.


Went back as level 10 now and managed to finish levels 6, 7 and 8.


It seems to be a huge time drain trying to figure out how to deal with huge packs of monsters solo. The Adra Animat and Adragans in level 7 gave me heaps of trouble, paralysing me and then wrecking me in just seconds. Managed to beat them using figurines and splitting them up. But things are just getting harder and harder, as expected, and I don't think I will be able to progress much further.


My question is: is there a rough guide somewhere which levels I should be trying at which point in the game, or should I just finish most of the main story before I even try Endless Paths?

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I wouldn't do it a lvl 16 - it's all too easy then. Rule of thumb after the first 4 to five levels is that your character level should match the Path's level. Then it's all OK if you don't want to Rest a lot. The last three levels are also doable at lvl 12.

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I'm at level 11 solo PotD Paladin (more or less just like you) and I'm looking to get as deep as possible before WM and Act 3. I'll shortly finish level 8 (it's easy with the staircase there to rest before every encounter and then slam each encounter with all the figurines you have - I'd do this on every floor that you can). I would also strongly recommend high speed and Munarca Arret for trickier encounters like Adragans, they're fairly weedy when all their buddies are beating the life out of them - and you can target them with Sworn Enemy to facilitate Whisper of Treason crits. For Vithracks, some sort of Retaliation item normally does the job pretty well - they don't have massive endurance so while you're paralysed, so long as you can keep hitting them, you should be alright. The rather weird thing is the floors vary quite dramatically in difficulty, and so as long as you have some sort of Adragan/Vithrak strategy you shouldn't find things too problematic.


In general, there's no real guide for this stuff as it's largely dependent on the class - when I was a solo tanky Rogue on PotD before I got down to level 13 before doing Cliaban Rilag or WM part I (Cliaban Rilag was a walk in the park with Drawn in Spring). As others have said, if you find it too time consuming grinding down the levels currently, then wait until Sacred Immolation lands. I think the really crappy thing about Paladins going solo is that they're really strong until about level 10, but then their lack of CC really starts to hurt you when it comes to mobs and you need to throw a lot into trash mob fights so you don't get overwhelmed - I found level 4 of the Paths particularly annoying for this reason as the groups of slimes, trolls and beetles are pretty damn large. It's ironic, because in the original Paladin description it implies the opposite is true ("When isolated, they can be vulnerable, especially against singular powerful foes") - singular powerful foes are more or less no problem with Sworn Enemy but 20+ strong mobs are a massive issue.

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Well.. sorry I haven't checked back here but I was just engrossed with the game :D


Managed to get to lvl 15 after finishing all bounties in Dyrwood (it's a joke after Sacred Immolation respec). But I can't kill Adra Dragon yet, solo. I gotta look up some strats, and possibly get some Durgan Steel to enhance my items. It's hella fun, I'm lvl 16 at the moment and wish I could level up even further. This game is amazing.

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