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Specific spells only obtainable once?

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Heya guys!


Been grinding like crazy (~8k gold from Local Heroes on legendary) to get spells from the academy, specifically my 2nd Holy Light and 2nd Swipe for Lini, but they just won't drop.


To the best of my knowledge and according to the vault I should be able to obtain 2 copies each, but they just won't show.


In addition to those academy runs, I also completed most scenarios on all difficulties.


Bug, supremely unlucky, advanced spells not dropping in early scenarios (though holy light is an early spell...) or undocumented limitation to 1 of each max in a 2 player party?


Thank you!


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You know..that you mention Swipe..havent got an inkling what it is..


I know Haste can't be acquire in questmode pre-patch..dunno now.


But swipe..and been grinding a lot, have not seen it both story/quest even once.

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Lets do some math. There Are 59 level 0-1 spells in the game + treasure chest spells...

In one scenario there Are for 4 character Group something like 4 spells total in the locations. You see about 50% of those spells during the scenario, so about two spells get accuired during one scenario, so there is 2/60*100=3% change of finding spesific spell. If the spell is higher level than 1 it gets even harder, so it is up to the Luck of finding them.

I have played a lot, so I have seen them all, but there Are adventure parties that have seen one and another party that has seen another. That is why you can newer count on that you get spesific cards everytime you play and that is good because different games Are really different to each others.

I personally don't grind (because it is boring) so every croup I have have different card pool, even They all are in the same level, and that is cool!

They really Are different playing experiences!


There is nothing wrong in card farming, but you don't do it in real game, because it is so slow and not very fun... In the digital version it is much easier and Also less tedious than in the tabletop version. But it requires a good planning and hard work. Tips in above Are very valid for card hunting.

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if you create a new Ezren and use the deck management screen to move the spells you don't want to see appear in scenarios into his inventory, that's 8 spells out of the pool of cards for location decks. And you have 24 character slots, which can be filled with many Ezren holding many spells...

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