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Are Treasure Chests bugged?



It seems there is some controversy about treasure chests and their contents at the moment and I am looking for a little dev input as to what is fact and what is our illusion. 


Apparently there's a list of items that are beyond 'legendary', regardless of what they are actually listed as, that are simply not appearing in treasure chests at the moment and possibly haven't been since the beginning. 


The list can be found in this topic:  http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/87611-chest-drop-issue-has-anyone-unlock-these-cards-in-gallery/


No response is currently attached to that topic, and since they could be bugged I'm posting this here.


I can relate on my own experience that I've opened 150+ chests and still have about 94 individual treasure cards that are a complete no-show.  My missing treasures list is pretty close to the list in the topic noted above. 


So my question is, are all the treasure cards listed in the vault actually available in chests currently?  Are any of them not showing up due to code bugs?  If they aren't bugged and can show in chests at the moment, can we get a little transparency on the randomness factor?  Is it completely random or does it cycle?  Before I go blowing another load of chests chasing those 94 empty treasure slots I want to make sure there aren't any bugs mucking with the odds.



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I can also confirm that my missing cards list almost exactly matches the one linked in the first post, despite only opening about half of the chests he has.

Any transparency you could provide would be greatly appreciated. It does seem like cards are slowly being added to the chest drop pool, so if this is intentional that would be my first request -- however, the possibly unintentionally skewed drop rates definitely deserve a question as well. Notably, I received four almost consecutive Brooches of Shielding (a legendary card) this weekend, and I'm apparently not the only one to do so.

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As I posted on another thread, I think that I remember something about the dev having added a few cards in a patch (I think that it was for 1.3.0).


If so we can probably expect some additionnal cards for when they add deck 4.

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As I posted on another thread, I think that I remember something about the dev having added a few cards in a patch (I think that it was for 1.3.0).


If so we can probably expect some additionnal cards for when they add deck 4.


And that's awesome.  I love that they're adding more stuff every deck.  The problem is they've got listings of cards in the Vault that is causing confusion as nobody can confirm whether they exist in the treasure card pools as of this moment or not.  Without knowing what's in there and possible to draw, or if the current pool is possibly bugged, folks who are currently getting treasure chests are essentially throwing money at duplicates they may not want in the hopes of getting cards that may not yet be in the game.


Given that chests are going to be a primary continual income due to their CCG-ness, I would hope it wouldn't be too big a deal to let the players know what they're getting for the gold spent.  My biggest concern is that the treasure cards listed in the vault are available, but as there have been posts about other cards (black bordered ones) being bugged and not appearing in the game, it's possible some of the treasure cards are too. 

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Just to add some info in case it helps. I opened 512 chests so far and below are the cards I'm still missing. I'm not sure if they have anything in common with each other or maybe they are from the same sets/blocks, or their IDs are all sequential and somehow the randomizer skips those numbers, idk. But hopefully whatever it is that is causing them to be impossible to unlock gets resolved. I get afraid of the thought of how much money needs to be spent to unlock them if they are legitimately this hard to unlock. Has anyone else unlocked these?


  • Bone Spikes
  • Healer's Kit
  • Holy Symbol
  • Holy Text
  • Portable Arm
  • Potion of Resinous Skin
  • Shovel
  • Spell Component Pouch
  • Veterinarian's Kit
  • Wayfinder
  • Silent Enforcer
  • Favor of Calistria
  • Favor of Gozreh
  • Favor of Sarenrae
  • Favor of Shelyn
  • Favor of Torag
  • Flaming Returning Throwing Axe +1
  • Agile Chain
  • Challenging Shield
  • Shadow Chain
  • Engineer's Work Gloves
  • Heavyload Belt
  • Wand of Flame
  • Wand of Lightning Bolt
  • Squire
  • Bounty of Desna
  • Bounty of Norgorber
  • Bounty of Torag
  • Doctrine of Abadar
  • Hunter's Chain
  • Legion Armor
  • Potion of Perseverance
  • Wand of Ice
  • Favor of Lamashtu
  • Favor of the Gods
  • Black Arrow Longbow
  • Staff of Healing
  • Staff of Improved Healing
  • Staff of True Healing
  • Favor of Abadar
  • Nine Lives Stealer
  • Warhammer +3
  • Greater Sage's Journal
  • Soul Soap
  • Favor of Norgorber
  • Metal Spikes
  • Spell Ward Shield
  • Winged Shield of Storms
  • Flask of Force Missile
  • Flask of Ice
  • Well of Many Shields
  • Belkzen Warchief
  • Death Initiate
  • Dragon Smiter
  • Pathfinder Venture-Captain
  • Aid of Shelyn
  • Doctrine of Calistria
  • Song of Hawkmoon
  • Favor of Nethys
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I've unlocked some of those.



Potion of perseverance

Song of hawk moon

Black arrow longbow (this is actually a reward for completing adventure deck 3 on all difficulties in story mode)


I believe the devs are aware about border inconsistencies, which are being fixed in a future patch. Some cards are unlocked via gameplay or special conditions, but the gallery doesn't indicate this anywhere (samisen, stalker mask, orliks shield, black arrow longbow, etc)

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