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  1. On a related note, I don't really want to open the chests I already have until I can at least be sure that cards won't be added reasonably soon after opening them. In the thread where this bug was discovered, a dev commented -- So are we still in the middle of this steady infusion, or are there only a few more cards planned for the near future?
  2. I can also confirm that my missing cards list almost exactly matches the one linked in the first post, despite only opening about half of the chests he has. Any transparency you could provide would be greatly appreciated. It does seem like cards are slowly being added to the chest drop pool, so if this is intentional that would be my first request -- however, the possibly unintentionally skewed drop rates definitely deserve a question as well. Notably, I received four almost consecutive Brooches of Shielding (a legendary card) this weekend, and I'm apparently not the only one to do so.
  3. Ok, wow. Something seemed really off about the card drops and this fits perfectly. I've opened 82 chests total, I think, but my new cards in the last 20-30 had slowed to a trickle. I can confirm Shadow Chain, but that's it. My missing cards are the non-yellow ones you listed with only a few extra... Deck 4 items making up half of that list, for whatever reason. I noticed this pattern too. Snaring Net and Reveler are new to me and now I have 3 of one and 7 of the other. Other notable new appearances are Steel Ibis Lamellar (common, 5) and Brooch of Shielding (legendary, 4)(!!!). Venomous Darts +2 deserve a mention in that -- despite being a rare-level card -- they drop almost as often as basic common allies, i.e. every few chests. I think I'm up to 12.
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