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[Class Build] ****'s on fire, yo: A simple Paladin build

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This is a pretty basic off-tankish paladin that deals a lot of fire damage and also pretends to be a fighter with some gear found in WM 1-2. This assumes a recruited merc and not a main character (Faith and Conviction for main characters is bugged right now anyway).


Race: Wood Elf, to better shoot people with Arquebuses using Flames of Devotion which is the main offence early game (an Aumaua or Dwarf would be stronger late game, but elves look better in the gear the build uses so it's what I'd go with)


Background: Old Vailia


Attributes: (When I played it I admittedly didn't min-max attributes quite this hard, but this would be more optimal)


MIG: 18 (22 with equipment)

CON: 10

DEX: 4

PER: 19 (22 with equipment)

INT: 19 (22 with equipment)

RES: 8 (13 with equipment)


Stats are optimised for maximum Immolation AoE/duration, damage, and accuracy.




Flames of Devotion

Zealous Focus

Sacred Immolation

Inspiring Triumph

Lay on Hands (too good with max int and might to not take)

Liberating Exhortation






Weapon Focus: Soldier

Critical Focus

Deep Faith

Weapon and Shield Style

Intense Flames

Superior Deflection

Veteran's Recovery (negates health loss from Immolation, could be replaced if you felt you didn't need it)

Scion of Flame





Weapons Set 1: Steadfast (Superb) + Outworn Buckler (Legendary)

Weapon Set 2: Pliambo per Casitàs


Head: Maegfolc Skull (we want the Might and Unbending is nice for tanking)

Neck: Liliths Shawl (unless mantle of the excavator isn't going on a wizard)

Torso: Ryonas Breastplate (for Int and fighter defensive abilities)

Hands: Siegebreaker Gauntlets

Ring 2: Deflection

Ring 2: Protection

Boots: Boots of speed (I like them on a tankish character so you can get the best possitioning, Shod-in-Faith is better on someone who doesn't have defenses this high)

Belt: Blunting Belt




Weapon Accuracy (superb): 100


Immolation Accuracy: 104 (it says 88, not including the level bonus when you check it out of combat, but in the combat log it's 104)


Deflection: 125

Fortitude: 120

Reflex: 137

Will: 131


DR: 14 (Slashing 19, Piercing 23, Fire 17, Cold 12)


Not very good DR but defenses + fighter abilities from gear make up for it.


Not very complicated. At the start of combat pick of a weak enemy with a Flames of Devotion arquebus shot to trigger Inspiring Triumph, switch to one handed + shield and activate Sacred Immolation. Watch bad guys die and your buddies get healed, use Lay on Hands + Liberating Exhortation as needed to keep yourself and buddies in the fight. Pretty low maintenance. Also gives everyone around her +6 accuracy and +5 to all defenses just for being there.


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I think the Fort Defense sucks on the build but admit-tingly its an off tank.  I usually main tank with my Paladins meaning they are the ones who pop out of stealth first and the take the heat from Dragons (If they dragon is not cced right).  I like having 150+ Fort on PoTD.  In GROUP play I do not think PER is necessary.  With debuffs, ACC buffs, Sworn Enemy and Distance advantage (if you go wood elf) you have more than enough accuracy.  I have done both with high PER and PER at 10 and the difference is negligible.  In fact the 10 PER Paladin did more damage because he took Zealous Endurance and Durance was buffing with Blessing.  That 10% damage made him slightly out damage the high PER Paladin by about 100 points.  Same time in game played it was a completionist play through.

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