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  1. https://www.reddit.com/r/projecteternity/comments/3vtdhu/minmax_guide_4_crowd_control_wizard/ Found this it’s for Poe 1 but will it work?
  2. Well thing is am already a level seven no subclass wizard and am also lazy(it’s a real medical condition) idk if no one can help i will just wing it and use some spells i used a bit in pillars 1
  3. ok thanks i usually prefer single class for my watcher so i can get power up fast since i multiclass my companions but maybe i will try priest wizard although i am using xoti already but she is built dps so i dont think it will be too redundant eh after looking at the dispositions i dont really want to have to be a **** as skaen as that will piss off my companions would berath or eothas work? and maia is already my single target dps as a scout i plan on using eder(swashbuckler) pallegina(crusader) aloth(wizard) xoti(priest) maia(scout) aloth gets on my nerves so i swap him and maia around a lo
  4. i am fairly new and cant find any information on this but the only thing i am missing in my party right now is a good crowd control so i want to make a ranged wizard that does this any help would be greatly appreciated i mainly need help with spells and grimoire but equipment ideas would be helpful as well
  5. why people always hatin on single class man they gain power faster and have higher level abilities and more casts and frostseeker is meant for maximum projectiles anyway
  6. scout i say but if using frost seeker and you have a bear or boar sharpshooter is great you wont get hit at all you are not even doing solo why are you worried about deflection on a ranged dps but even single class is great for what you are doing as you can get twice the projectiles if you are single class
  7. hmm it says if worn while drinking does that mean i can swap it out for gauns pledge or whatever else in combat as long as whenever i rest i put on the ring
  8. hmm i have looked at quite a few ports and cant seem to buy grog i have been saving all that i have found and am on my way to get oswald rn where do i buy it
  9. and are there any recommendations for the other gear you didnt mention as i am fairly new but great build
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