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Hidden objects highlighted without being discovered



Hey everyone,


I just noticed that since the latest patch (I guess), pressing "Tab" does not only highlight normal lootable objects like chests, but also displays (some?) hidden objects in purple. I am however not able to select or loot these objects until they are discovered by one of my party members in stealth mode.


Since I hadn't noticed this kind of behavior during my last playthrough, I'm wondering if Is this some kind of change in one of the latest patches, or whether it has to do with the mechanics skill of my characters.


I have to say that on the one hand I like it - since it is now unneccessary to constantly sneak around everywhere - but on the other hand it makes hidden objects somewhat pointless in my opinion.


Does anyone know more about this issue? Does it concern all hidden objects or maybe just some, i.e. ones that need a low mechanics skill to discover in the first place?


Looking forward to your answers!

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Thanks for posting, Faldorn. This looks more like a tech support issue and you're more likely to get feedback in the tech forum, so I'm moving the thread. Keep on playing and keep on posting!

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I *think* I remember a patch note or something (maybe from a blog post?) where it was stated that everyone would be able to see hidden objects now whether they had a stealth build in the party or not.  I'm on really limited bw right now, so can't take the time (and bw) to go digging around....  Sorry I can't post the quote.

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Yeah I noticed this, didn't really think much of it at the time, I automatically assumed it was because my mechanics character was picking it up without putting any thought into it.  Now I think about it I'm not really sure if it is intentional or not, Oralaina mentions a patch note so I might look into it, as it could be either a feature or a bug...

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