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  1. I continued my playthrough recently and companion dialogue continues to be buggy. Searching a little bit reveald that the boards are full of threads regarding compaion dialoge not reliably triggering, about the dialogue icon ("I want to talk") appearing but without any new lines when clicking it etc. Most threads are from 2018. Now it is 2020 and Version 5.0 still is riddled with dialogue bugs. This is really extremely disappointing. I did not find anything, but does anybody know if there is a way to fix this or at least prevent the bug(s) from reappearing on a new playthrough? Or any inf
  2. Sure, seems only reasonable. I would have liked it though, had the developers put some hint at that anywhere in the game. It looked like a bug to me at first glance and still seems quite counterintuitive. "Graying out" the drugs' items or such would have been a clearer solution than just plainly "overwriting" the effects. Oh well, not a big issue at the end of the day, really.
  3. Hi everyone, so it appears that the "companion dialogue bug" still seems to be unfixed in 5.0. I have had the situation where the "companion wants to talk to you" icon appears on a companion (most notably, but not limited to, Maia), but if I click it, nothing happens (i.e. no new dialogue options). I tried (as some older forum posts suggest) to talk to her on the ship, but still no new dialogue. Since this is my firt playthrough, I am a little afraid of missing out on a lot of companion banter. Is there any known fix for this by now? Dialogue seems to be somewhat glitchy in general i
  4. Hi everyone, while I am quite happy with the overall looks of the game (quite impressed actually), some parts of the background renders look a lot worse than the rest. One thing that really stands out negatively are windows for instance (see attached image, taken at highest in-game zoom at the VTC headquarters in Neketaka). However, some other objects like the table and chair in the image also look quite bad - very much in contrast to the rest of the image and the character models. Shadows also look quite jagged (with high quality shadows enabled). I have played around with graphics
  5. Hey everyone, is it intended behavior that e.g. Tara Turu Chew and Whiteleaf cancel each other out? I.e. as soon as I consume Whiteleaf after having consumed Tara Turu Chew beforehand, Tara Turu Chew is simply removed from the active effects - or vice verca. I did not find anything on that in the in-game help or a quick search. I have the latest patch. Thanks for your help.
  6. Has anybody already tried IE Mod with Version 3.04? I only intend to use the nerfed XP table, so my guess is that it might work just fine.
  7. Just wanted to say thumbs up for the continued support Obsidian!
  8. Hey guys, since IE mod now appears to be available for 3.xx, I'm considering restarting the game using the XP-table nerf. I have done pretty much all content apart from White March part II on my current playthrough and now have a level 15 party, so there's only one more level to advance left. I find the prospect of playing a large part of the second expansion at max-level somewhat boring. Also, the game was / is pretty is pretty easy with such a high-level party on PotD, even with high-level scaling activated. Would you guys recommend restarting with the XP-nerf? I have not touched
  9. I haven't come across the specific issue you described, but have had audio problems since lauch with various sound effects: Character voices, spell sounds, weapons hitting eneimes etc. Apparently those kind of sound effects are limited to a pretty low number that can play simultaneously. I noticed this on multiple systems, too. So I don't think it is a problem with my audio hardware or drivers. The audio did not cut out completly on any occasion, though. By the way: Has the problem with character spellcasting voices (male) etc. being too quiet ever been fixed?
  10. You could just load a save shortly before / after picking up the companion in question and (re-)apply the original colors manually. If you don't have an appropriate save, maybe someone on the forums can help you out. I'm not a hundred percent sure about your original question, but I think there is no built-in mechanism to do that.
  11. Have you tried picking talents with your tank that increase the number of enemies he/she can engange? This would not help against ranged or teleporting enemies, but certainly against melee type enemies. It does work really well for me on POTD. But as someone else pointed out: On POTD, there are certainly enough enemies to go around most of the time - that is if you can't block them effectively at a choke point or such.
  12. JiggleFloyd - while I agree that some descriptions are pretty vague, especially for spells, I am pretty sure that the game is waaay to far in its development cycle for the developers to even consider something like this. It may seem like a small thing, but I assume it is acutally very time consuming. However, this is the kind of thing that I am sure they will try and improve in PoE 2. So maybe it could help to post this in the "suggestions for PoE 2" thread. I have a feeling that the developers may take some of the things posted there into account. And while it's not an official thread, it
  13. What bothers you about the flaming sword icon? That it is essentially a spell icon? I may be wrong, but I think it is quite possible that the devs have never designed a specific icon for this weapon. If you happen to know that there actually is a specific icon and it was just not implemented die to an oversight, then I get your point. That would be a bummer But if not , I can't imagine they'd go to the trouble know. Probably got bigger fish to fry. Looks good enough as it is for me, anyways.
  14. I can confirm. 3.03, only the Caed Nua slide. Haven't played WM pt. II yet, although it is installed.
  15. Hey Sking, thank you for your answer. To clarify: I did not start that game on 3.03, actually I only opted into the beta for 3.03. I'm not entirely sure what version I started on, but I am pretty sure it was before White March part II. I was able to finish the quest normally after walking into Sul's lair, the "duplicate?" disappeared afterwards. So it is not that big of a deal for me. By the way: Thank you for the ongoing support and the awesome game!
  16. Description: After getting the quest and talking to the fangs' leader, entering the "back" of the maw and fighting some of the enemies, the "game console"(area in the bottom right of the screen that displays combat information and such) will indicate a fight between Sul and "Lioness". After a few seconds, Sul gets killed and the quest is instantly resolved. Steps to reproduce: This happens both when entering the area with enemies inside the Maw - via the chasm using rope and grappling hook - through the northwestern door behind the fangs' leader. in this case however, I can take out th
  17. I realize that. That is really a big upside concerning Steam at the moment. However, as you said, it's not gonna matter in a few years anymore. Or maybe even earlier, if 3.03 is really the final patch. I merely pointed out the beta, since the OP explicitly asked about Steam.
  18. If you are eager to get your hands on the patch, you could just try opting into the patch beta on Steam. I am playing the beta and have not had any problems so far. Explanation can be found here: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/76849-patch-betas-on-steam/
  19. Hey guys, I am rolling a Druid-PC and in Act III, there is an area where you encounter some spellcasters: Some of the spellcasters with generic names there... ...have some badass voice acting for their spellcasting. Does anybody know if it is possible to have my character use these voicesets when casting his spells? That would be really cool. Edit: Ah by the way: I mean the male casters.
  20. I see, thanks for the clarification on using potions mid-fight. Concerning consumabels: When you say it like that, it sounds a lot like a design decision: The devs probably tried to avoid people clicking on a consumable multiple times if it is not consumed immediatly (character still busy) and thereby enqueuing the same consumable multiple times (since you often have a stack of 5 or so in your quick-slot). I know about manual enqueuing by shift-clicking, I just don't think it is very clear what is happening without a visualisation of said queue. Another option would be to "grey out" qu
  21. I really don't get what it is exactly that you dislike so much about said fights: Do you find them too hard, because your backline gets crushed? That sounds a lot like a lack of CC on your part. Besides, you can punish enemies with disengagement attacks if they try to run past your tank(s). Don't get me wrong: I'm not saying your bad at the game. Just wondering. I never had any problems with my backline being eradicated in seconds (Shades... Haven't actually gotten to the Abbey of the Fallen Moon yet) Or do you find them too easy (enemies "comitting suicide")...? I guess you just can't progr
  22. My PC is a druid and of course I use storm spells often (playing on Potd). The level 5 returning storm sure is nice due to the stuns and all, but it is not like it is an instant win in tough fights or anything, at least in my experience. Being on level 13 atm, the level 3 storm spell has lost tons of its power in most fights. Good for thrash mob encounters. In my opinion, the storm spells are fine the way they are. I try not to rest too often, so I usually only use the highlevel storm spell in big or difficult encounters. Clearing Od Nua for example (some levels ago), that made me "sav
  23. I just entered Act III and had Durance in my party at all times. There has not been any advancement in his quest for what felt like ages. He does not have a talking icon on his portrait and there are no new conversation options when I talk to him. The journal tells me something along the lines of: You need to spend more time with Durance etc. Did I miss a certain conversation option, or will things smooth themselves out when I reach a ceratin point in the main quest line?
  24. On a side note: I am currently well into Act III on my second playthrough (didn't finish the first one, but sunk some 50 or 60 hours into it), and have not experienced a single attack on my stronghold in over 105 hours on this playthrough. On my first run, it happend once. I find that really bewildering, since other threads infer that this is acutally a thing for quite a few players. Additionally, it is not like I put any thougth into maximizing my defense stat while keeping my prestige low. I did however try to have something building at the stronghold at all times and hired 8/8 stron
  25. Hey everyone, not sure if this belongs here or rather in the technical support forums. Anyways, is it just me, or are potions and other consumables such as food a little glitchy? When prepping for a tough fight and using multiple food items in close succession, it often happens to me that clicking on the appropriate quick slot does nothing. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. I am aware that there is of course some kind of cooldown involved. But since I am out of combat, I do not see a recovery bar or anything. Has this happened to anyone else? I really think that a visible "action que
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