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[2.0.1 beta] ITEMS - Spelltongue steal buff bug



Running 2.0.1 beta patched with IEMod, although IEMod's sources do not show any interaction with the itemization.


The Spelltongue rapier is supposed to have the following effects :

- steal 5s duration from beneficial buffs on target

- steal 10% attack speed from target


After some use, the item's description currently reads :

- steal 25s duration

- steal -170% attack speed


I am unsure whether the issue is merely cosmetic or if I actually steal 25 seconds from buffs, I'll have to do more testing.


Can anyone check if they have the same problem ?

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Hello dam,


Thanks for pointing this out. It looks like its just a UI issue. If you look at the combat log, it will display the correct amount for the debuff. This resets again when you start a new combat.


If you save/load the description will return to normal. I had added a bug regarding this issue into our database.


Thanks a bunch! 

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When your comrades get charmed or dominated and then accidentially hit by spelltongue, the "spelltopngue" debuff they suffer will never go away. Restart, reload etc. don't help.




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