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So I created a wizard in 1.06., since I want to solo 2.0 and White March with one.

I built him with 2.0. friendly stats, max PE even though it's not that important in 1.06.

As soon as I got to Valenwood, I wanted to test his soloskills and went straight to the bandits.

I was shocked how fast I killed them with just Arcane Veil, Eldritch and Parasitic staff.

It wasn't even funny so brutal. None of my solochars ever killed them lke that on level 2 and without items (I wore hide armor, lol.)

Then I got cheeky and went to the bear, but lacked the hp to beat him like that.

Later today or tomorrow I'll go to gilded Vale, level to 3 and get some gear. (no figurine, lol.)

I think I will beat his ass badly.

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I don't think anything remotely similar is possible with another class, lol.

And I guess if you get your gear without leveling 2 is enough.

Also in 2.0 2 will be very easy because of PE.

You'll probably kill him with hide armour or clothing then. :)

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Variety is better than I thought. :)

Mind you I only soloed with cipher, monk and paladin before.

So how does the fighter survive this?

Maxed IN for extra long duration of the defence buff?

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IIRC, somebody did it with a moonlike monk at level 2.


I did, but I'm sure you're remembering somebody else. Wizard at 3 is eminently possible post-1.05. As always at such low levels the margins of error mean you need some rolls to go well for you, but it's pretty reliably replicable.


What would be really interesting is if anybody did it with level 1. I suspect the sheer HP / Deflection / Attack Roll numbers make it an exercise in frustration, but who knows?

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