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  1. Before: https://www.dropbox.com/s/u7yl9s3dzp4nqp7/7fdecde27e254c09a338c91a42cbb502%209686431%20GooseandFox.savegame?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/w4lhiznifqdo8cn/output_log%20%283%29.txt?dl=0 After: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ttfdmq1fs81zfnc/7fdecde27e254c09a338c91a42cbb502%209790847%20TrygilsCurriery.savegame?dl=0
  2. No that wouldn't be possible and I'm glad it isn't. That would kill the feel of the game.
  3. I hope they don't. That would be incredibly annoying and subvert the whole purpose. Subvert the purpose of abusing the game by constantly changing the enchantments on weapons and armors to give you an edge at every occasions with little to no cost? This is why I hope they charge a significant amount of copper.
  4. I confirm, I picked up the Bartender's Ring and it was fine at first but then after traveling a while it losts all it's bonuses except +5 Will.
  5. Raedric's Hold to Esternwood takes 6 hours Easternwood to Black Meadow takes 6 hours Black Meadow to Caed Nua takes 18 hours I think Black Meadow to Caed Nua should've been 6 hours as well. On the map it looks the same distance as Raedric's Hold to Easternwood, it makes no sense that the time it takes to travel is three times greater. It should take 18 hours to go from Raedric's Hold to Caed Nua, not 1 day and 6 hours...
  6. Good point lad, somehow it didn't even come close to my mind that most people played Pillars of Eternity with a bunch of other characters. I've always played theses games (Baldur's Gates, Icewind Dales etc..) as a single player character. I can't manage a party and I find it terribly tedious and boring. But what you said makes a lot sense, theses items can be equiped on different companions wherea they suppress each others on a solo character. Still, +2 Reflex is terrible... they could've made it +5 Reflex at least.
  7. The only race I would like to see added to the game are Dark Elves.
  8. At the beginning of the game you get a Minor Cloak of Protection which gives +5 Fortitude, +5 Reflex, +5 Will, you also get Fulvano's Glove which gives +5 Reflex and finally quite early on you can also get Fulvano's Boots which gives +1 Constitution.
  9. Just came upon the "Boots of evasion". How useless is +2 Reflex, who's going to wear that ? Is that the devs idea of a joke ?
  10. Just started a new solo character as a ranger with wolf companion and would like to report what I believe to be a bug. Resilient companion's description says that the companion benefits from +3 damage reduction. Then, was it intended that my character benefits from the same damage reduction as well? Just noticed the increased damage reduction and went to see on the character sheet what caused it and that is when I saw resilient companion being applied to my character. https://www.dropbox.com/s/2n6pret2o97gh0n/7fdecde2-7e25-4c09-a338-c91a42cbb502%20quicksave.savegame?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/jm26gkrlhilkdxw/output_log%20%282%29.txt?dl=0
  11. Are you serious? Can you imagine how tedious it is to reload a flintlock pistol, let alone two?
  12. Why not? Pillars of Eternity seems to take place in high middle ages which means somewhere between 13th to 15th Century. Flintlock weapons were introduced hundreds of years later in the beginning of the 17th Century. They totally break the immersion of the game to me but I learnt to live with it. Now if the devs decide to add grenades that'll be the final straw, I agree with Cantousent when he says we're on a slope from there on.
  13. Pistols, arquebuses and blunderbusses shouldn't even have been in the game imo. For the love of god I hope they don't add grenades as well!
  14. If they do include a way to remove enchantments on weapons and armors I hope they charge a significant amount of copper to do so.
  15. Well I'm sorry if I didn't include a "Thank You!" or enough smiley faces in my reply. Next time I'll try and make sure it does. Thank you!
  16. I would suggest reading the titles of each threads on the first two pages of this forum. This way should be quick enough and give you a good idea of the recently submitted bugs. If you look closely there is a thread about a similar issue on the first page of this forum and two threads one after another concerning this exact same issue on the second page.
  17. I agree, increasing the "Will" stat would probably give my character an edge in that kind of situation but if you look more closely to the screenshot most of the time the spell resulted in a grazes and a few misses in-between so that isn't bad. Now is it normal for a Paladin to cast the same spell over and over again without doing anything else? And just how many time would a player Paladin be able to cast that spell in a fight anyway?
  18. How about doing some side-quests and coming back at a later time when your character/party has leveled up and is/are stronger? I play a solo fighter character and when I first met Raedric and his retinue my character didn't stand a chance. I came back a few levels later with a stronger and better equiped character and slaughtered everyone quite easily afterward!
  19. Are you serious? If it was anywhere near what you wrote I wouldn't even have touched the game with a 10 foot pole.
  20. I would like to report a bug concerning the "Dead Man Stands" boots. They're supposed to delay unconsciousness by 3 seconds and they do work as intended in that regard but the game is bugged. For instance, when my character endurance drops to zero the 3 seconds delay leaves me just enough time to drink an endurance potion but nothing happens, the endurance never rises above zero and after 3 seconds the game is over. That really defeats the purpose of the boots. https://www.dropbox.com/s/g1vsrycwipj5wee/2fd23ef25924491b86d0ce3559693a0d%2011506701%20EndlessPathsofOdNuaLevel3.savegame?dl=0
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