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Hello everybody , i get today the awesome game from gog.  I need some advice to build easy party to my first run. I'm casual player , want fun and no problem gameplay on difficulty. I create paladin , 10/10/10/17/14/17  for a my main tanking class. What to this be good setup. I see game have some joinable npc players. What be good setup to my paladin ?. Thanks very much. Sorry for bad english i can't speak only can read. xd

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Well tbh even if you are casual and you dont like difficulties go normal atleast ,

i mean you are already asking about builds and other advice on forums so you are probably not that new to such games and easy would be just auto atack boringness for you , Try Normal and play it any way you want if you use atleast 4-6 people in party on normal you wont have a single problem , for a Paladin go


Race : Human or Moon Godlike the one you like more 


Might : 10

Const : 10 

Dex : 3

Perception : 18

Intelect : 18

Resolve : 18

(You can add more to const and take it from might if you feel the need for more HP but really 10 is enough imo ) 


Choose the order you like more from  description imo and then enable in ingame options menu that game shows you what dialogue choice gives what reputation so you can follow your paladin ways 

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If you're playing on easy or normal, any setup will work, just choose one frontliner to engage enemies and keep them away from your squishier party members. I see you already have that in your main character, so you're free to choose whatever companions you like. Take the pre-made NPCs so you have someone to talk to.

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but , what i can be form good squad ,    paladin/warrior/mage/priest/bard - work well ? + 1 more character what i can chose ?

Very Well Paladin Warrior Mage Priest Bard and then put a Marksman for cherry on top either Ranger(More Burst+Pet) or Rogue with a bow ( highest damage ingame use bow + sneak attacks ) , great party 

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I think any decent party should absolutely have a cipher. And as others have recommended, a few tanks. I haven't found priests that useful for healing, since you rest for actual health recuperation - it seems either fights are outright slaughters, where you'd need to rest anyway afterwards, or easy enough that you won't need to restore your endurance mid fight.


So, a few fighter types, a cipher or 2, and the rest doing ranged attacks should keep it simple enough. Heck, if I wanted to just use a custom party, I'd have TWO Ciphers and charm/dominate in pairs. >_>


The game doesn't really tell you where to go outside of the main quest chain - but basically, the game "gates" you in terms of the difficulty of fights. And even on a single map, fights can vary widely in difficulty. It's meant to teach tactics by throwing different scenarios at you. So you may find yourself challenged regardless, and hiring adventurers to fill certain gaps as needed (sometimes you just do a lot better with a fireball slinger... othertimes, he's taking up a useful slot where someone else would be better!). 


I don't believe the game is very "casual friendly", though - despite what some people say here... one person's definition of "Easy" is quite different from another's.

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I went with the following:

  • Barbarian Retaliate Tank (Fire Godlike) Dump dex, max Might. I gave him some Perception and Resolve, though he doesn't have a shield. Idea is to keep him getting grazed but not critted. He rarely drops below 50% unless he's getting hammered and I don't begrudge his extra resilience, keeps him with fuller health) Currently wielding Azureith's Stiletto without a shield. He actually wrecks noobs for a tank.
  • Chanter Tank (Wild Orlan) Maxed Perception, Intellect, and Resolve. Dex dump stat, dropped some Might to add filler points to Con)
  • Druid (Aumaua) Max Might, Dex, Int. Reduce Con, Per, Res so all non-deflection defenses are the same. (Eyeball it)
  • Priest of Magran (Wood Elf, Arquebus) See Druid for stat spread
  • Wizard (Wood Elf again, Implements/Blast) Dumped Con and Resolve. Maxed Mig/Int/Dex, Filler points into Perception. High interrupt build. Spell loadout mostly debuffs with strong AoE damage.
  • Cipher (Wood elf, PC) See druid for stat spread. War Bow.
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I doubt there is a single best party composition, what will work for you will depend on what you like to use the most.  


The NPC companions you find are..


Fighter-  who is best specced for tanking


Wizard- good for crowd control and area of effect damage


Priest-  Buffing/debuffing and occasional healing


Chanter-  Works pretty good as an offtank with good support abilities


Ranger-  I'm not actually fond of rangers so I don't know, ranged dps I guess


Druid-  same as the wizard but also with healing, druids arguably have a better spell selection than wizards and don't have the grimoire mechanic to worry about


Cipher- great for crowd control and debuffing, unlike wizard and druid who's abilities are per/rest, cipher abilities are all per battle using a resource mechanic


Paladin- Another offtank with support abilities


You can also create your own companions in the tavern, the only role missing from the NPC companions is melee dps, which you don't need to use if you don't want to.


My party if I'm using the NPC companions usually looks like..


Melee dps- monk/barbarian -my player character




druid or wizard



It works pretty good, but I'm sure there are plenty of viable ways to set up your party.

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If you are doing normal/easy play you should focus on DPS party. The monsters are not so scary and you dont need a real min/maxed tank.

For instance on my POTD run I went with a barbarian and made Eder into tank with all talents for that. But as soon as I got the reflect gear and restoration weapons I no longer required a tank. My barbarian started tanking and the other party members became auto-attack ranged DPS.

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