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  1. I think DnD has to have "Hard immunities" because DnD has such things as auto-hits, auto-fails and save-or-dies.
  2. Depends. For it to trigger one needs to wear item with it which may but does not have to be desirable. Summons do the same and they are desirable. But yes, I was pondering about it when I got loading screen "you have died" while my character standing around thanks to Second Chance. In the later stages of the game you might indeed want to switch your second chance gear for something else. Early on however, it is great a boon.
  3. Second Chance will no longer trigger the defeat screen if the entire party goes down right before the effect fires. Soloing has just become a little bit easier.
  4. Is there any info about how retaliation works? Does it use your main hand weapon or something of its own? The reason why I am asking is that I have a retal barb with Tidefall as his main weapon and I have noticed that normal attacks cause slash damage, whereas retaliation is piercing. Any insight on that matter?
  5. Play a TCS paladin with no summoning items, traps and consumables. Oh, and don't put points in skills either.
  6. What don't really like about paladins is the way orders are implemented. There is no immediate bonus to choosing one, and if we are honest, the talents are generally quite underwhelming anyway. The only reason why you would want to choose, say, Remember Rakhan Field is the badass visual and RP flavour, because getting 25% bonus damage for two attacks per encounter isn't worth a talent. In my opinion, order-specific talents should be passively given at the very beginning and should affect every Paladin ability in some way. Say, Critical Focus could be by default present on Bleak Walkers wit
  7. It's 143. Or 158 on potd. Hmmm ... doable without any temporary effects whatsoever? Let's see. Take a level 12 Wild Orland Paladin w/20 Perception, 20 Resolve, Song of the Heavens, Hylea's boon, +10 deflection ring, Lillith's Shawl, maxed-out Faith and Conviction, Deep Faith, Cautious Attack, Superior Deflection, Weapon and Shield Style, a hatchet, a superb large shield, and some +2 resolve item or other. So that's: 25 Base + 36 levels + 15 perception + 12 resolve + 10 ring + 11 Faith & Conviction + 2 Deep Faith + 10 Cautious Attack + 5 superior deflection + 28 superb shiel
  8. That's bollocks, potd only adds 15 to accuracy and all the defenses. Case in point: Adra dragon stats from my solo triple crown run:
  9. Wiki states that the Adra Dragon has 93 accuracy, and I would assume that this is as high as it gets. If that is so, you will need 143 deflection (or fort/ref/will, for that matter) to avoid 65% of the attacks and only be grazed by the rest.
  10. If "that bad" means "worse than all the other classes", then yes, paladins are that bad. They are borderline useless when it comes to dps, they have no cc at all, exhortations are only mildly useful and you only start getting them quite late in the game. Paladins are only fairly good for tanking because of their high defenses, but even that is overshadowed by a fighter with their constant recovery, defender, critical defence, unbroken and other stuff that makes them nigh unkillable. So there you have it.
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