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  1. Another thing about me getting at least 16 Perc is that i am not sure there is a companion with more than 14 Perc, which is critical for detecting traps or hidden stuff.
  2. You know guys i was very happy when i tested my final build in the beta yesterday, and decided to go with 20 Might/10 Con/18 Dex/10 Per/10 Int/10 Resolve. Today however i had some time to check the forums and more specific the last patch notes (beta 4)... and we have an attribute cap of 35. So i guess i will go with 16 Might/16 Dex/16 Per, the rest 10.
  3. The problem here is the threshold IMO. Isnt it better to just remove the threshold flat numbers and use percentages instead? Like for instance, the numbers are just for the sake of the idea. robes / clothing have 15% armor mitigation at most. Light armors have up to 30% medium up to 50-60% heavy (plates) up to 70%, even 80%? Or mixed mitigation based on damage type (piercing, slashing, elemental etc...) And then you have penetration bonuses- something like: estoc (highest pen a weapon can have) = 50% club (lowest pen a weapon can have) = 10% Then you have: estoc vs clothing: 50-10 = 100%
  4. Could you put the DPS stats of them? hits/crits as well... I am kinda curious
  5. Dual sceptre seems very good DPS combo or secptre/wand, where you dont need max dex to be effective. For instance with 0 dex dual sceptres have 0,7 speed and 1.3 recovery. The damage is nice for a 1h weapon + the modal gives 20% dmg and 2 pen. Also its range is 4m so a Ranger (sharpshooter) have "bonus penetration when attacking targets 4m or closer" - not sure how much the bonus is or if it works at all. Devoter is probably mandatory not only for the usual bonuses, but the life regen as well. A cipher is a good second class for the % dmg per hit.
  6. Before the patch i started with barbarian using 1h spear to try and carnage stun with the crafted spear. Still need to do act2 to get it
  7. These "substitutes" you mentioned will do about 10-20% of the DPS potential the barbarian can do. If you dont wanna baby sit your chars maybe switch to more easy difficulty. The barbarian can be made tanky enough to be a passive DPS machine, which can only use 1 active skill at the start of the battle and maybe another skill later. Since you have 2 tanks you dont need to baby sit the barb, put a heavy armor + slash/pierce DR belt and just right click on the enemy. If you are not lazy enough set frenzy to "Q" button and click it some times. If you think your barb will die, set salvage d
  8. Yeah but the ranger only attacks 1 monster (1.5 if you count the semi-joke called pet)
  9. Most of you guys talking theories here... But most of the time in game we have to deal with more than 1 enemy at a time. If you not solo then you should have a tank and supporters with your monk/barb so lets see the variants: 1. Enemy pack 7-8+ - tank goes to block 3-4 enemy, the others rush for your supporters (if its an open area). Barb in this situation will chase the rushers or help kill the ones stopped by the fighter in both situation the barb will hit more than 1 monster. The monk will do the same and if he gets lucky a monster could stop and fight him and get him wounds. But on
  10. The best way to deal with the Shades early is to use Durance second level spell Divine Mark - doing good fire damage and reducing the deflection - then focus one shade at a time.
  11. Give him pike or Tidefall (the 2h sword with endurance leech). Get thick-skinned, accurate carnage and vulnerable attack. You got some not so worthed talents like greater frenzy, barbaric shout, barbaric blow. Use second chance items + Vengeful Defeat. Priority buffs from Durance - Inspiring Radiance + Devotions for the Faitfhul Also there are 4 patches now and no mention about One Stand Alone being bugged. No dev confirmation, at least i havent seen one. But since you have 2 tanks you cant utilize OSA properly so its not so big if you dont have it. You can just poke with spear beh
  12. My advice is to drop the 2h weapon. At lower levels the barbarians have a hard time hitting enemies and the carnage is even harder with -10 accuracy. Use a single spear until at least level 5 where you can get OSA (one stands alone). If you get the retaliate armor (sanguine armor) you can switch to any 2h weapon and use the barbarian as a tank. Also get Savage Defiance - very useful ability.
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