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  1. If devs sat around waiting for every single bug to be squashed, games would never get released. At some point, because they are still running a -business- with other people besides the dev team invested in the product, a final release date has to be set, usually weeks in advance. The goal is generally not to release with 0 bugs and 100% tested, since that is a near impossible state given all the diff hardware configs, but to minimize/eliminate the MAJORITY of game breaking bugs by release... then work on what they can as a First Priority based on severity. "Edge cases" - folks with ser
  2. I think they should have released the full game as EA, to get help with bug reporting from the backer base (who are more than willing to assist generally). But otherwise, not particularly upset over anything. I always wait a few months before playing big RPG releases. For me, I broke the trend when I started playing it on release, just out of curiosity and love for the genre, but had issues until the v5 patch... so took time off once past the initial honeymoon of discovery. There are just a lot more things to get upset over in life than game bugs. I try not to let my world revolve aro
  3. Also, I believe the easiest way to deal with the missing inventory items would be let people add them back via console. However, I don't think we have access to item variables. It would help, certainly, even if some folks would cheat with it. But that's their business.
  4. After being lucky(?) to not see this bug until level 9, I finally got it tonight. Had to reload from before I started doing a long combat sequence, so it was "only" a few hours of game time for me. What's weird is that I don't recall doing anything different. Every time, I come to Caed Nua, swap out Aloth for Kana, and then do a level or 2 of Endless Paths. I revert in Brighthollow, but generally use the "H" key to pull up the stronghold menu to swap out characters. Up until today, the game didn't eat any inventory - just reset my stats for the "new" party members. Considering that Kan
  5. Doesn't BG:EE have different colored circles for each party member? It had its share of controvery, however, IIRC.
  6. I haven't lost any items yet, but re-adding Kana from the Stronghold gave me the bug where his 3rd weapon slot of red/disabled. Looks like I can remove the item there, but not use it.
  7. Stealth is mainly used for scouting and getting in that first hit/spell, unless you're playing a rogue and can disengage from sight easier (I didn't play a rogue so I'm fuzzy on that aspect of the mechanic and the whole backstabby thing). Since you can isolate single characters from the party, you can use one to do recon, essentially, as well as get in a first shot or apply some sort of crowd control spell.... then train the enemy back to a nice ambush situation. I believe that the individual character's stealth ranking comes into play here, since I've noticed some of my party members
  8. With a game started using 1.03 (1.04 at time of bug trigger), I didn't get hostile first floor patrons, but did encounter a lot of bugginess the first time I did this quest chain. It seemed that as soon as I went through the doors our of the "North Ward" things went wonky - when I ducked beck into the Ward, everyone was in both an alive and dead state, and the Wichts were all standing in their spawning room with arms outstretched, unmoving. Azo was definitely still alive, too - and had the same dialoque options from before things went crazy. Same with the lady who greets people entering t
  9. I see there is a SetGlobalValue command, but is there any sort of "Get" ? Seems really weird you can *change* values, but not actually see the damned things. Possibly by design, or the guy in charge of exposing public accessors got lazy.
  10. Probably what happened to me. I went east instead of heading straight to Defiance Bay, so I ran into Doemenel agents unexpectedly - then didn't leave a favorable impression. My rep with them is still far from hated, but I can't even talk to them in town - get shown the door every time. The other weird thing is that the Dozens have no rep at all with me, even though I've interacted with them on multiple occasions (just haven't handed in their first quest yet). The other 2 factions added a rep of Neutral on first meeting, but the Dozens still don't register as knowing me.
  11. In the interest of not creating another new thread, I'm going to tailgate on this one. I also received my first true CTD after the 1.04 patch. Looking at the output.txt file, it appears to be trying to locate Mono libraries inside my Steam folder, which is obviously an invalid location. Ergo, crash time. System.TypeInitializationException: An exception was thrown by the type initializer for Mono.CSharp.CSharpCodeCompiler ---> System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Windows mono path not found: E:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\mono\mono\mini\mono.exe at Mono.CSharp.CSharpCodeCompiler..cctor () [0
  12. What's the console command to move, then? I got a guy stuck in the floor after a fight.
  13. I've been doing a lot of party swapping, but haven't been hit by the inventory loss/reset bug. Must only be happening to certain people, which is why it hasn't been fixed. I've done the swap outs both at inns and the Stronghold, too. I do notice that "Personal" stats seems to reset, but that almost makes sense, even though they probably should persist properly. For all I know that might be a design decision on their part.
  14. Just wanted to add that I am stuck with this bug as well, seemed to happen shortly after leveling Aloth up. If there's anything I can throw at the problem to help isolate it, let me know. I've tried swapping out the grimoire, removing Aloth from the party, resting in various locations, etc. - the ability is still disabled.
  15. What I'd like to see MOST is modding tools, or at least the *next* game made more accessible to modding. That way we can leave it to the extensive international community to develop all this additional content. ^_^
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