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I agree, although I don't see them reversing the terrible choice they made. It's a shame we apparently live in a world nowadays where people with gigantic big mouths are listened to, regardless of what crap they're spouting.

If that was the case the limerick wouldn't have been removed.

The bigots have been much, much louder and generated much more outrage than us social justice advocates could ever manage.

It is rather fascinating how the GG brigade can generate outrage out of pretty much nothing. Someone thinks that some ingame content is harmful? Oh, that must certainly be an attempt to undermine free speech and institute censorship once more. Verily, it'll be the end western civilisation if we take any pains to accommodate oppressed minorities! Just look at that hellhole Sweden.


It would be hilarious if it wasn't so depressing.

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- Add unique weapons and armors to stronghold shops. Other Stronghold improvements as well. There's a whole thread about it. Stronghold could use some love.

- Remove highlight from pet when Tab is pressed. I hate seeing that stupid box that read White Wyrm in it. Reason I don't use pets.

- Add an option to game settings that allows altering companion attributes or level them up from 0 when hiring them. There are mods for this tho.

- Make constitution more valuable stat for close combat companions and tanks. Maybe give it some DR bonuses or something.

- Allow us to name our save files.

- Some companion dialogue where they chat themselves or with each other doesn't appear in chat log sometimes. I would like to read what Aloth says sometimes when he curses etc.

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All personal opinion of course, but these are some small tweaks that would improve the game for me:


1. Individual stealth.

2. More NPCs...I mean, not fully fleshed out NPCs or anything, but the cities could really do with some walking around and in taverns etc. I would be very happy with a load of NPCs with no really dialogue, but the speech bubble with a random quote on it. I think it would improve the atmosphere in the game immensely, especially in Defiance Bay.

3. I imagine it would be hard to do, but I would really like to be able to sheath weapons.

4. Just do something with the Keep to make it worthwhile!

5.  A big one for me- Allow you to dismiss party members at any time...Occasionally I come across a part of a quest that I might want to stealth, or solo and I have to travel all the way to an Inn to do it.

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-Complete Rebalance of All Races, really the best guide for Pillars shows only orlan and godlike as the main races or all classes, humans being thew worst race for all classes with the most ridiculous stats.

-Complete Rebalance of All Classes, Druids are the most op casters, followed by chanters, wizards are meh, and rangers has the lowest dmg unless if you decide to go full gunslinger.

-Remake the stat dependency of a few things: Detect Traps, locks and secrets should use perception, mechanics being used only to deactivate traps, locks or maybe quest related challenges, Lore being used to something else like extra dialogs or challenges like athletics, Survival being more useful instead of extending food effects.

-More class related Items, or maybe vendors, a Armor vendor would be nice

-New classes: Animancers are already in game(i would be happy to play as the evil death knight animancer in full plate), priests can work as clerics, Warlocks would be a great addition, after all "summoning demons are better than those pesky necromancers playing with our life"

-Keep and faction related radiant quests

-Individual save games

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Add social links since all good RPG require them now (jk).


On a serious front, I agree with the hide helmet/cloak toggle and also manual named saves. That would be really awesome! There are some race/class balancing in general that needs to be looked at (rogues). 

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I'd like the ability for individual stealth, too, but it's not much work to leave the rest of the party behind while my scout goes out in stealth mode to see what's coming,


The one thing I'd really like is the ability to name my saves, but I imagine that would be a lot of work that could be better spent on fixing things that more people complain about.

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3. Allow minimal customization on post-hired Adventurers


Make that all companions (NPC ones included) and I'm all aboard. As long as I'll have to get a hold of a ___keeper tool to make cosmetic changes to my NPC companions, I'd see no point in doing it half-assed with just PC companions.



I haven't done anything with voice or biography, but I've already changed the portraits of 2 of my companion NPCs. They are simply files at <game path>\Pillars of Eternity\PillarsOfEternity_Data\data\art\gui\portraits\companion\*.png.  Just make a new png with the same filename and you will see it in the game.


"The end of democracy and the defeat of the American Revolution will occur when government falls into the hands of lending institutions and moneyed incorporations." - Thomas Jefferson, 1816

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