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  1. Use: FindCharacter animal Should return something like "CRE_Lion_Animal_Companion(Clone)"
  2. Write down an exhaustive algorithm that encompasses those behaviours and get back to me. That's maybe a bit snarky, but it's one of those things that are very much not-simple and there are better ways to make fun and engaging encounters than sinking hundreds of man-hours into advanced AI. It's possible to imitate some of what you're asking for with better encounter design for instance. I pretty much agree with the OP though. A BG encounter worth mentioning with respect to trash mobs is Ursa the cave bear. It wasn't that you hadn't killed xvarts and bears before, but the xvarts having
  3. I just find it strange how there is no racism between elves and humans. Neither race can reproduce, elves dominate the "hut Dweller" culture, and not to mention that elves can live longer than humans. You would think that last reason would give some elves a superiority complex. Humans and elves are united in their distrust of orlans.
  4. Resolve gives you Concentration, Deflection and Will. As a ranged character you're mostly concerned with Will, so dumping Resolve and putting the points into Intelligence is a pretty good deal.
  5. Just FYI, I think you can see enemy immunities by referencing the Beastiary (maybe even with cursor hover?). Immunities are listed under abilities, which is the last thing that gets filled out.
  6. It's not absurd, it's the truth. Replay value is already quite low in PoE, and Attribute Scores are basically the only relevant qualifiers. If you can change Attribute Scores at will, those qualifiers cease to matter. Not rocket science. Combined with the fact that PoE has some real issues in dialogues as to what you can and cannot even attempt entirely based on your Attributes, there's some good incentives in there to do it, to boot. Your way of playing the game is not the only way. I play with unqualified interactions set to hidden. Respeccing multiple times for every conversation on
  7. What Gromnir said. You're being utterly ridiculous. Just so we're clear: You didn't just claim that it would diminish replay value, which I guess a case could be made for, but that it would render replay value "virtually nil", specifically because one can respec to get all the options in every dialogue. If you don't see how utterly absurd that is, then I don't really know what to say. Wait... Do you seriously think that it is the activation of the respec mechanism he referred to as time-consuming? Are you daft? He was obviously talking about the process of levelling up, which does in
  8. I believe you can use the add XP console command with negative numbers to delevel. IE Mod also adds a respec command.
  9. I dont know what you measured but it sure wasnt hdd performance, physics prohibits it as of today(maybe yesterday), no matter SATA version, especially for any several years old 5400rpm drive. Maybe you saw a zero too many? 30MB/s is more realistic. Yes, I'm sure. I can read and access the data in less than a second. I just did an additional test where I tell it to write the last byte to screen. Works fine. I've handled large files before (specifically Wikipedia, which is several gigs in a single file) and 30MB/s would have been absolutely torturous, so I'm pretty sure I would remember that
  10. But then what? In other games my load times were like cut in half. We have to wait for Obs to optimise.
  11. Nope. I think it has been well established that load times have little to do with HDD read times.
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