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Lie a Rhemen bonuses

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So, just out of curiosity, what are the other possible bonuses you can get from the stone faces? And is the spear the only weapon that this can be used on?


I got + ACC and Dmg when attacking the same targets as my allies, as well as converting 20% of dmg(i think?) to endurance

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so you could go to the inn at dyrwood, hire a couple o level 1 companions, run back there, have them stand on the right symbols, then just get rid of them.


you can actually make a decent spear, though I'm a little unclear on what you're "sacrificing" to do so.

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Yes, but you can only get it with the bronze beneath the lake quest, which requires you to side with the dozens.


You get the access to Lle a Rhemen anyway. If you don't stick with the Dozens, you stumble upon opened Lle a Rhemen, with dead adventurer corpses inside.


No quest, no cloudpiercer

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damn, thing is, The Dozens are crass and kind of ****heads

but you get access to Lhe much much earlier and you get to kill those punks who were talking smack to you when you 1st entered the Adventurer's Hall

Thing is, I dont remember getting Cloudpiercer inside LaR when I did side with them - is this confirmed?

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Why are you trying to enchant the Cloudpiercer? It's a reward from Wenan for bringing him the stuff from Lle a Rhemen. You are done! If you are referring to my statement where I said "craft", that's a leftover from rephrasing and it's supposed to be "get". You don't actually craft/enchant the bow like the spear.

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