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  1. I do wonder if selling everything to one merchant has any reasonable impact on the loading times in the game. I've shelved PoE for the time being due to 2-3 minute load times. (I'm at the last portion of the game where you can't turn back anymore). I'm pretty sure the general food merchant in one of the main towns holds over 500 items because I've sold absolutely everything to him because I didn't want to clutter other vendors.
  2. I'm on 2-3 minute loadtimes now that I'm on the last portion of the game. It's pretty ridiculous considering the amount of times I have to load after dying to the last boss.
  3. He skipped most mobs and abused backstabs and reset combat. It's pretty much killing mobs before they can retaliate.
  4. How would you have changed things, if you were to redo it? I'd have more balanced stats to be honest. Slightly less Con and I'd prioritize Res over Perception. You have enough reflex from your dex stat. The deflection of the character is really low. On a side note I just downed one of the optional bosses in the game. Took a lot of planning to work out. Spoilers if you click the link below. http://imgur.com/a/SJm6k Some of the stats are lower due to the debuffs done by the boss such as "Terrify". Edit: Combat log linked if you guys wanna see just that. http://imgur.com/OGE6Fij Boss died in under 5 seconds after melee engage.
  5. Yeah like I said if I knew as much then as I did now about stats I would've made my monk very different. This even includes the skills/talents that I've chosen.
  6. I'm on act 3 with a solo PotD monk. Currently stuck on a boss fight there but I'm gonna try to make it work. In terms of stats you really need something moderately balanced. You can't go too far in one direction. If I could change my build now I would. I know we have been pm'ing but how much have you been clearing from act II and III so far ANd please cut down your quotes holly **** Uhh cut down the quotes? D: I fully cleared each act before moving on to the next one. This includes things like bounties and all side quests. I'm currently on the latter part of act 3. I'm not entirely sure if there's an act 4 though.
  7. i don't get it. with 90, they miss 44% and only hit 21% of the time. you get some actions off. just try it. did you think stun durations would keep adding up over time? stuff like that doesn't stack. it'll keep resetting to 1.8 seconds a few times in a row, then you get some better luck and get a few actions off. and if they go hit graze, it doesn't really matter, you took an extra couple points of damage. i think all a hit really gets them is if they miss immediately after it doesn't help you. also don't they have to get past your deflection before getting a roll on your fort? so that improves the odds some. i think you might have problems for different reasons. this is with the big shield and draining mace. it makes you more tanky. and brigandine and the 5 frost damage reduction cloak. so you can be stunned some of the time but you live quite a while, enough to get off a few swings and a few spells. and withdraw casts super fast if you need to do that. your math doesn't show any kind of stun lock. you didn't factor in their attack speed and how every graze/miss or miss/miss combo you get an action, basically, which happens a lot more than never, it happens pretty often. you really truly think a level 4 priest with 90 stun defense can't fight one phantom in melee WITH RELOADS and win? As soon as you get hit the 1st time your deflection goes down due to being stunned, meaning its easier for them to hit you. Assuming normal odd with an attack rate of 1 attack per second and a resetting 1.8 duration, that means that if you are lucky... getting hit once, and missed once, you will have exactly 0.2 seconds to complete an action before you are stunned again.. So no, I dont think its a plausible tactic. I have tried soloing a single phantom with: Rogue Barbarian Chanter Ranger+Pet Fighter Paladin With various combinations of Race thrown in. I even tried Pale Elf for the 10 Freeze DR, doesn't help. I just can't reasonably get enough deflection/fort to stand toe to toe with a phantom. Now.. a strategy that DOES work consistently solo is a chanter + horn + running away + summoning. However I can't get it to work well enough to trust attempting it in Iron Man mode, which is my ultimate goal. I want 100% reproducible consistent tactics for dealing with particular areas. Sneaking only gets so far, eventually you HAVE to fight some things. So what I have been doing is making level 4 characters over and over and trying to get thru Caed nua with different builds and gear that is obtainable at this point in the game. I can't rely on "Chance" that I'll get scroll mats, or potion mats.. I haven't tried a Wizard yet.. Edit I think I ran 2 characters before I got the phantoms down. To be honest I'd say the best way to do it is to get the Rymrgand (Spelling?) Cloak and use armor that negates their damage totally. In terms of stunlock, there are multiple factors that I paid attention to. Deflection Fort Recovery DR Each one of these is important when dealing with early stunlock. The hardest phantom fight occurs in the Main Entrance of the Keep in Caed Nua since there's no room to kite and you have to fight 5-6 in succession. Bottlenecking them in the lower right or lower left corner of the room (before the stairs) is your best bet. It's going to be a long fight so make sure you're fully buffed with food and rest bonuses. Summoning with the Bronze Horn Figurine here is really important and you need the scenario to constantly be 1 Phantom attacking vs You and your summon. Your character has to tank, he has to take almost no damage and the Figurine has to whittle down the HP of the phantoms. You might get attacks in randomly depending on the DEX and recovery speed of your character. Once you get too low 'retreat' with your main character into the farther area of the wall, chug potions to heal up and swap back with the figurine. You can also use a bow here if you'd like. I think I spent a total of 3 hours stuck on this portion with a character that had Below Average Deflection Above Average Fort Extremely High Recovery Speed Extremely High DR to Frost
  8. I'm on act 3 with a solo PotD monk. Currently stuck on a boss fight there but I'm gonna try to make it work. In terms of stats you really need something moderately balanced. You can't go too far in one direction. If I could change my build now I would. I started off with 16 Might 15 Con 19 Dex 10 Per 08 Int 10 Res Might is useful for punching through DR which is sort of a problem for big bosses that come alone. Con is useful as a buffer against casters. Raedric's Castle is an example of this. If you don't have enough con you will get bursted down instantly. Dex is useful in general as a means to spam skills to get rid of wounds. You don't need as much of this if you're using a turning wheel passive monk build. Per, Res are mainly defensive stats and are primarily used for their deflection Int determines the AoE size of your torment's reach. Dumping int too low to something like 3 will make it so small that it wont hit the creatures behind the initial target.
  9. did you kill maerwald? what strategy? Everything maerwald casts can be dodged. I mean running away and he will cast and hit nothing. If you keep running he will run out spells to use. You'll notice when he starts doing a really weak ranged attack. Just be careful cus it seems like he saves his strongest spell fireball. He doesn't cast it while you're running. If you see him cast anything just hightail it and run out of range.
  10. did you kill maerwald? what strategy? Maerwald is a joke. I don't understand why people have a difficult time with him.
  11. Is there any way to do this on a solo run? I just cleared it out on PoTD solo and now I cant use the runes
  12. Downtime isn't supposed to be a problem in solo PoTD. You use downtime to cooldown your items and your class/watcher powers as well as figurines. It shouldn't be a consideration ).
  13. I think most people like having the companions around. I'm not even sure how they level since I've never picked one up. Do they have their own level paths or do you get to choose?
  14. Well the thing is I believe PoTD is soloable. You don't need optimized characters to win with a party.
  15. Hi Phil :D. I can't really help you on specific builds since I'm playing PoTD solo but I can give you general tips. Besides just the basic tactics of focus fire, AoE and bottlenecking, the game rewards you a lot by knowing what you're fighting. So uhh in a rough manner I'll list some tips below. 1. Look at the enemies equipment (armor/weapons) for humanoid enemies. Humanoids have access to whatever your characters can use be it breastplates, chainmails, swords, polearms. Knowing the properties of the equipment of your opponent will be especially beneficial to your frontline (Eder). If a mixed group of enemies is what you're facing then have your nukers kill the enemies that he can't tank that well. 2. Look at your bestiary. Similar to the first point this is all about exploiting weaknesses. Just knowing that wolves deal piercing damage and automatically changing the armor of Eder to a breastplate will do wonders in the long run. 3. Change your equipment based on the opponents you're fighting. If you've wiped on an encounter before you know what the enemies can pull out. The moment they start charming specific characters then place some +Will items on them. 4. Food and Rest Bonuses These can easily be the difference between a party wipe or a complete victory. Food buffs stack. For some encounters I chugged down Beer, Ale, Biscuits and Pie giving my character +3 DR, 1 Might, 1 Constitution, 1 Perception and 10 Endurance. Remember that buffs can get suppressed; however, only food suppresses other food. 5. Item Abilities Give your less active characters items that have usable abilities. During my runs I've used several items that provide spell-like effects during the downtimes of my abilities (I play a monk, no wounds equates to autoattacks).
  16. You're going to have to reset when you fight instant hold spells. Also there are some fights in the game that have such a small space that you can't kite. Afaik this comes into play on side quests but if you wanna full clear the game then it's a problem.
  17. You're going to need to single pull enemies on PoTD. If you think the phantoms aren't going to be a problem without that cape you're going to get wrecked. In the opening of the main castle in Caed Nua (Indoors) on PoTD you're going to fight around 5 phantoms and 2 shadows in a single pull. The tightest spot allows you to fight two of them at the same time. Seriously guys everyone I've seen talking about the solo runs needs to abuse mechanics more. Use the figurines, get items with cooldowns per rest. The only way to beat solo games on hardest difficulty is cheesing it as hard as you can. I've gotten pretty far in the game (level 8 at the moment). And I've put in about 60 hours. I'm pretty sure I've died over 500 times now.
  18. Right after act 1 I hit around level 5. All other quests were cleared. I only left around 3-4 monster packs up which didn't really mean much.
  19. You gotta abuse resting and your abilities that cooldown per rest. Some encounters require you to pull out all your summons one at a time via figurines.
  20. The martial classes are going to have a harder time than the spellcasters in soloing. I'm currently on my second character which is a monk on PoTD solo. The first one was a paladin which I doubt could have cleared any further due to a lack of any AoE. I'm just hit level 7 which is a big power spike for monks.
  21. Registered just to reply to this. It's not just the "Bronze Horn Figurine". I'm getting the same response from the three figurines I currently use. "Bronze Horn Figurine" "Ashwood Cameo Figurine" "Oaken Scarab Figurine" They all started bugging out when I got to the Catacombs. I'm currently playing on PoTD solo and I'm worried that this will make the save ineligible for the solo achievement. Similar to what Jackmoved said there are times when the summons move incredibly fast. I've been killing my summons after every combat just to make sure they disappear. Hope this gets some exposure.
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