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Obsidian, why isn't there any hotfix yet?



Dear Obsidian,


first at all I want to clarify that I respect your hard work and you guys did really create a great game.

This thread is not determined to be a troll or whining thread - instead I want to ask a genuine question:


Why isn't there any hotfix yet?


I did already ask this question inside the stat stacking bug thread but as I think that my posts probably

weren't read by devs, I wanted to separate this question in an own thread. 


Please Obsidian, don't do the mistake to wait for delivering one big update that fixed as many bugs as

possible. Instead please deliver a hotfix as soon as possible so that at least some bugs (or even only one)

get fixed in short time. We don't demand an all-in-one fix for "everything" - just sharing what is already done

would be amazing. Every day there are more players getting into troubles and I'm sure some of the reasons

are already eliminiated and are just waiting for other fixes to provide all of them together within the announced

patch. I have the feeling that the patch got already a bit delayed because you want to fix as many bugs as

possible within this week. But in some situations it's better to satisfy the crowd step by step instead of waiting

to make everyone happy at once. 



Please note: This is not a rhetorical question - I really would appreciate an honest answer. What are the reasons

to put many fixes within one update instead of providing small hotfixes to the community when there are that kind

of critical/game breaking bugs? Or didn't you fix at least one of them yet? (I wouldn't blame you for that either!)

I just would love to hear an official statement - please give us more info about the actual state.




A fan of your work

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We really are working hard. I've been reading some other threads and they're definitely getting me down, but I hope our commitment to keep releasing patches, responding to those of you via support, and regularly fixing as much stuff as we can shows for something in the long run.


I know this is going to sound like I'm whining, but RPG's are really some of the most complex pieces of software to write because of how many different ways people can do things, and we wanted this game to offer a huge amount of options. We only have so much money to spend on our resources, be it QA or whatnot, and we've spent a lot of our own money too trying to make it as fun and robust as we can. One of the unfortunate things in our industry is having to set a release date so far in advance to make sure everything comes together in the retail markets, etc.


These sound like excuses which I understand if they're interpreted that way, but we really really do care about this game and wanting it to be as good for everyone as possible, and hopefully we'll prove that in the coming weeks as we continue to fix and improve things.


Thanks for listening!



Hey Darren,


Don't let the bastards get you down, man! This game got funded in 27 hour and cleared 4 mil because a lot of people love Obsidian. We want to you guys to be around, making great games, for a long, long time. 


Thanks for all the long hours and hard work. 

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"Our worst enemies are inventions of the mind. Pleasure. Fear. When we see them for what they are, we become unstoppable."

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You know the hardcore RPG fans, Darren. They are mouthy, enthusiastic, hot-tempered and not always friendly. But at heart, they are good people and I'm sure we all don't mean anything here or elsewhere personal. Some of us are just disappointed that bugs get in our way, bugs which hinder us in being able to truly enjoy this game to its full potential. And some of us are so full of nostalgia that we are even a bit blind of what you've actually achieved with Pillars. Don't let the negatives get to you and please continue to put all your passion and dedication into this game and franchise, it's really appreciated. And don't forget that for every negative response you get there might be ten or twenty or even more people who are just happy with the game. 


Happy Easter holidays! :)

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Darren - this backer who put her long-awaited game on hold to wait for the patch is perfectly fine with doing so, as well as with your communication on this matter.


Remember that the people who are getting all worked up about this are naturally going to be the loudest, because people don't tend to drop by just to give an "everything's okay here and I'm not angry, by the way" status update, yeah?

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Omg, don't treat Darren like a child and people who can't play and said about it, like the coldest bastards. The most fanatical fans like some above are the worst, hehe.


Ok, now is all clear about patch so we, the worst "coldest bastards", "no fans" can wait in peace.

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Just going to say that some people screaming and shouting here doesn't mean that all of us act like that. You guys created a new RPG that can stand proudly next to the RPG classics of old, and I definitely appreciate that a lot! Also can't wait what improvements the coming year will bring in form of patches and new expansion(s). :thumbsup:

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- The save game fix for inactive traps increasing save game sizes is in the patch.

Talking about gamesave size, all the stuff that we sell at vendors are kinda bloating the save file as well.

Maybe if instances of the same item could stack we could have [10xWar Bow], instead of [War bow] [War bow] [War bow] [War bow] [War bow] [War bow] [War bow] [War bow] [War bow] [War bow].

It could help reducing size in the save file.


If the save works that way, that is.

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-> no fix for savegame issues (probably caused at least in parts by frost traps from a chanter song)

Yes there is. Read the patch notes.


-> no fix for the quest bug of "The Parable of Wael" and "The Theorems of Pandgram"

You run into this if you loot temple before accepting quests.

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What's bothering me is that i haven't seen anything for 32bits users crashes on the future patch notes...

Hope there will be something because right now i still can't get further thant the Gilded Vale...

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