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  1. So i guess 32 bits users will have to tweak without hoping of a fix for this issue... Great.
  2. So i guess 32 bits users are still forsaken...
  3. 1.04 was supposed to "fix" crash during area transition for 32 bits users but it didn't work at all for me... Still can't enter Gilded Vale :/
  4. Today patch didn't change anything for 32bits systems, Gilded Vale still won't load... I'm glad i paid 40€ for 2h of gametime because it crashes anytime i try to enter the third area of the game... I was hopefull for this week patch to fix this but apparently that wasn't a "priority"...
  5. What's bothering me is that i haven't seen anything for 32bits users crashes on the future patch notes... Hope there will be something because right now i still can't get further thant the Gilded Vale...
  6. So... Still nothing for 32bits users ? Guess i won't be able to play this game further than the gilded vale :/
  7. Can't enter Gilded Vale either... I hope this week patch will fix this...
  8. Have almost the same issue here for Gilded Vale except i was never able to reach it, still stuck on the previous area... And for the one above, xp isn't the problem here, seems tried on it and on my ubuntu partition, same result. It seems that 32bits os can't load some areas.
  9. Same issue here, can't leave the area without crashing...
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