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The Custom Portraits Thread

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Good to see more player painted portraits!


Lol, the artist of this pic just posted three posts ago jaceface I believe. Huge fan of his work... if you're reading jace, can I put in a request for a female moon godlike? heh cheers mate.

You're in luck, was already drafting that a few days ago but I had to hit the road for a wedding. I'll put it on the site when it's finished!

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I'm gonna go with this one for next time:




This is a very nice portrait.  That said, why do so many of the female portraits have them wearing lipstick? These are adventurers, not girls going out on the town for a night of clubbing or employees at the Salty Mast!

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Hi Jaceface. I saw your work on the net on PoE : you're one of the bests with 2-3 more people.


I was wondering if you wanted some ideas for your next portrait. If so can you make a paladin savage orlan ?


And with a color that fits orlans - actually, Wespenfresser did a really good one but he's white and orlans can't be white in the character creation :




See ? He's beautiful but color does not fit.


Thanks for reading at least :)

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So many great portraits here!


I used these pictures for my almost custom party (can't bring myself to ditch Edér). I wish I could maintain the artistic style, but that's asking too much  :grin:


221a7d3044.png f187cb0945.png 3eee37f78a.png 3f38d8d86c.png a56d3428b7.png

I stole one of these and I'm excited to use it for my next character of whom will be a wizard. Can you guess which one? Hint, it's my avatar.

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Any Portraits for Female / Male Hearth Orlans that would be either Greenish or Blueish skinned there are a lot of different green/blue skin colors for orlans and no portraits of such . 


Color alterations of existing portraits only take a few seconds to do:




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General question, has anyone managed to pin down a picture of an elven male with a drooping mustache? That was kind of the look I was aiming for my disinherited pale elven aristocrat. If I was not terrible at art I might be tempted to try my hand at such. 


Edit: NVM I'll just one of the regular portraits, seeing as pale elves are such a niche market. 

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