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If a PoE2 Kickstarter was announced..

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I'm probably one of the few that wouldn't. The point of the first kickstarter (I thought) was to get Obsidian "up from the dirt" and give them a chance to create a new game they could live off and expand from. If Obsidian can't make a living off this and is instead constantly in need of kickstarters to help them create new games it just shows they don't know how to handle their money/business. I'm sorry but that would make me lose faith in them.

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It should also be noted that with Torment: Tides of Numanuma, Wasteland 2 and Pillars of Eternity, the market has been somewhat saturated in this field when it comes to Kickstarters. There just haven't been another major player capable of garnering this kind of wide support we saw in those.


Once inXile or Obsidian puts up another Kickstarter in the same vein as either of their Kickstarter flagships, I have no doubt in my mind that we'll see enormous support, especially if they do good. Wasteland 2 was well received, although I think it was a bit underpolished. With some breathing room, I see absolutely no reason why a potential PoE2 (or similar) wouldn't do great on Kickstarter, especially with a major proof-of-concept published and a financial foundation to build on.

It is not just a mater of market situation, but also timing. InXile/Obsidian Kickstarters scratched an itch for the cRPG crowd at the right time, a lot of oldschool folk resented the feeling of being left behind and blamed the big publishers for it. Riding on the initial hype of kickstarters, many of them didn't see this as funding a game, but as investment in restoring cRPGs to its former glory, sticking it to the big publishers capitalism in the process (many of pledged far more then the average customer) Additionally ridding on the legacy of the originals the kickstarters many younger folks were attracted, who aren't necessarily the target audience for those games.


So considering that Kickstaters popularity isn't what it used to be and that even hardcore fans aren't likely to keep pledging way above average sums, IMO any hope for as successful PoE2 Kickstarter will need a little bit more then just doing good, it need todo great.

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Kickstarters don't fare as well these days. I wouldn't expect a PoE 2 Kickstarter to get nearly as much funding as PoE did.


That a fact? It seemed like PoE was one of the biggest kickstarters ever at the time but now it is only the 10th largest.


If the game is a success they might be able to do it again. Hopefully they will not need to.


I should have said Kickstarter video games. Other Kickstarters have fared much better, yes, but if you look at the most funded video games, those peaked back in 2013. Even the polished Shadowrun: Hong Kong campaign barely broke 1.2 million, compared to Shadowrun Returns which earned 1.8 million.

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I don't know if I would back again.


Of course, I'm not going to back PoE 2 before PoE 1 is even out.


But assuming Pillars of Eternity comes out and is amazing... I still don't know if I'd back 2 on Kickstarter. I probably would, but perhaps not as enthusiastically. However, if the Kickstarter wasn't for Pillars 2 but was instead for something that's not generic fantasy (or zombies) I'd happily throw money at it.


I have a rather troubled relationship with fantasy right now. On the one hand, I do love it, but on the other hand I'm also kind of over elves and dwarves (and zombies).

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So you only like NWN2 and not KOTOR2 or The Stick of Truth or FO:NV? Or do you mean the opposite, that it has a ruleset too close to D&D?


Never played NWN2, KOTOR2 or TSoT. I played FO:NV up until a quest bugged and dude in the dinosaur never sniped the old lady. When that didn't trigger I walked away and never went back.


And I mean I do not like PoE ruleset at all, but tbh, I haven't like a ruleset since 2E. laughing.gif Ive got my fingers and toes crossed for Legends of the Sword Coast!

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